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The new site looks amazing!..Love it.. you guys are the best

You guys have done it again, 8 days from order to delivery and I couldn't be happier with my new plugs! Literally can't speak highly enough of your products and your service. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you :)

I received my dog tags. I just want to say that you guys did a really great job and I appreciate the effort you put into making them. I for sure will be back to buy from you guys again soon. Thanks again!

Hello. I contemplated stretching my ears for several years before I actually did it. I say this to emphasize it was not a decision I made lightly. I finally decided if I was to do it certain criteria had to be met. I wanted to wear sustainable yet interesting wood, stay relatively small, and, most importantly, the plugs had to be crafted with personality and love. Well, after browsing shops and checking out what people wore I started to think my expectations were probably unrealistic, maybe even fantastical. Until I found your website. Shortly after I went through the process (it killed me to have to wear acrylic for a while!) and then finally I could wear what I originally intended. I think the most succinct way I can express my feelings about it all is to say it was wholeheartedly worth stretching my ears to be adorned in your art. Please feel free to use any of this if it can help. Thank you. Love, Eric

Thank you so much for the plugs! They are the perfect fit and look so cute!! :) Even my mum loves them, haha. I will definitely be purchasing another pair in the near future.

I ordered two sets of plugs for my girlfriend for her birthday. Once I ordered, I received an email confirmation that the plugs will be made to order and the current make time was 6-9 business days. With my girlfriends birthday coming up just around the corner I called and spoke to a wonderful customer care representative (Unfortunately, I cannot remember her name...but she needs a raise!) to see if they could be rushed given the circumstances...and rushed they were. LESS THAN A WEEK later I received them and they were absolutely perfect. I was impressed by the turnaround time and more importantly the quality of the products. I gave them to her and she absolutely loved them. I just want to give credit where credit is due. I DESPISE ordering products online. I always receive something incorrect, or it takes weeks to months to arrive. I could not be happier with the service Omerica Organic supplied to me. I will be suggesting you and your products to anyone who asks. Again, thank you. You have gained a fan for life.

Hey guys! I got my order a couple weeks ago, and I can't stop wearing them. They are the perfect size. I really like the info card you sent along with the order. I didn't even think that wood plugs would need different care. It makes total sense; I just never thought about it. It was kind of a splurge to get your plugs, but I will definitely splurge at Omerica Organic again. Thanks! Chrissy

Hi! I just wanted to let u guys know I received my package and I love them! Oh! And they fit great too! Thanks so much!! Kim

My birthday is Monday so my boyfriend of five years surprised me with an early birthday present. It was one of your earth dog tags. Underneath it was a folded up thick piece of paper, which I queried as to what it was. Thinking it was the chain for my necklace, he encouraged me to open it and see. Once I opened it I discovered it was a beautifully handwritten “Will you marry me?”! He then pulled an engagement ring out and I eagerly accepted! Thank you Omerica for unknowingly making one of the best days of my life happen. We were engaged at Lake Dillion, which is a special place for us and the mountains on my dog tag remind me of the beauty there. Thank You! Your longtime customers, Natasha & Travis

I couldn't find a survey or remarks section on your website, but felt compelled to let Omerica Organic know how satisfied with the services/ product I was. Both times I've ordered from you guys, the product delivered was even better than anticipated. Even shipping was right on schedule. I think my first order was a little earlier than expected. Also, thanks you for providing quality products and refraining from mass producing garbage merchandise :)

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