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Hey, I just found out about your company from the videos on YouTube so I checked out the website. I just wanted to say that the timeline story thing was awesome! It's supper inspiring for me to here a story like yours! I also had a look at all your different products and I can tell you guys have a great passion for what your doing because the plugs look insane for being done by hand! Keep up the good work! You definitely gained a customer today and I'll be sure to let my friends know about your company if they haven't already! Sincerely, Andrew

I just received the package in the mail today the gauges look FANTASTIC! Thank you guys so much for this quality product you will have my recommendations! Looking forward to future business with you as well.

I just wanted to thank you & the crew at Omerica Organic for your help and an amazing final product. Dani is working two 12 hour shifts this weekend and I was too excited about them, I gave them to her last night. Both of us love them! The design tweaks were perfect. I love the adjusting of all four bird sizes so each one is a little unique. The ordering process and turn around time was amazing as well. I look forward to ordering again very soon. Thanks again, Andy

I wanted to inform you that my package has arrived today and that the ear plugs are gorgeous! Very beautiful work, even better than the pictures on your website. I wanted to thank you very much for your detailed and good work. Hope you have a pleasant day and I'm looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Yours sincerely, Kim

You have creative, fun, and innovative products that are beautifully made and more than just live up to the online photographs (in all honesty, how often is that actually the case?). The accuracy of the detail put in to that tiny space? Amazing! I was afraid that because my ears aren't very big that a lot of the detail would be lost or it wouldn't look as good in a smaller size but that most certainly is not the case. Omerica definitely has a returning customer Augusta

I just received today my little owl plugs and they're gorgeous! I'm so in love with them! :) And I wanted to thank you for your good job and its quality, it's worth the price. I'm sure that this is my first order, but not last! Andrea.

I just got the plugs and I couldn't be happier with them the detail on the fox is amazing and the wolf looks just it does on the website. The reason I got them is so I can wear one of each while I'm playing in my band (Lonesome George). We have an album all about a fox and a wolf and they showed up just in in time for tonight's show. I am so stoked To rock out wearing these you have no idea. Thank you, I will be placing another order very soon. Cheers. Jake.

Hey! The plugs arrived yesterday! My girlfriend loves them! The wood is beautiful and we appreciate the high quality work. I'm going to order a few more for her for Christmas! We are telling all our friends about you guys and how awesome your work is! Stefanie

Hey, I just wanted to take a moment to say that my first pair of Omerica Organic plugs arrived yesterday, and that I’m delighted with them! It’s abundantly clear that these were crafted with care; I’ll most certainly be ordering from you again in the future. The wood grain looks superb. I haven’t tried them yet since I only stretched on Jan 1st, and I’m being a patient / boring responsible stretcher, waiting a month before I put organic materials in my lobes; I’m very much looking forward to wearing these. Thank you very much to everyone working at Omerica. :-) David

My half dozen pairs of plugs arrived today and they are all gorgeous and absolutely fucking flawless so I shall continue to order from you again and again FOSHO!¡! So keep it real and what not OMERICA...WERD Billy

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