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I just want to let you all know that you are an awesome company. You're so helpful and you always reply so quickly and always answer all of my questions. I really respect what you do and how you run the company. Your products are awesome and high quality. Keep up the good work! -Jeff

Hey I recently just got my new plugs from you guys and just wanted to say thank you :) Probably the best jewelry I have ever owned. I love how light they feel in my ears, ive had so many that weigh my ears down or feel like they get in the way when im sleeping but these are perfect. Plus the quality of your guys work really shows. When I purchased my pair online i thght "oh $40 is a little over what i would spend normally" but i have to say it was worth every penny. I love that the owls are actually engraved into the wood instead of just a cheap gauge that has a picture pasted onto it. And last the most important is the wood you use. AAMAZING! :) i have has a couple different pairs of wooden plugs and they are so adorable but hurt like hell when i put them in my ears..Not this pair...Thank you soo so much. Keep up the awesome work . I def will referre you to anyone looking for plugs and already have shown a few friends your site. Peace. Brittany

Hey ! I wish a merry Xmas too all the Omerica team :D ! I received my plugs one week ago and they're perfect and well detailed ! Keep going on ! I'll buy more next time he he ! Greetings from France !

Hi Omerica, My new plugs are fabulous. Thank you heaps. Cheers. Louise

Hey Omerica! I just wanted to thank you for making the puzzle tunnels and donating to Autism Speaks, because my brother has autism. When I saw that that's what they were for, I knew I had to get them. And I will! Thank you Omerica. (: - Sara (:

Hey guys, Just wanted to say thankyou for yet again coming up with an amazing product. The diamond design is amazingly intricate and the apricot wood looks and feels amazing. Incredible service and very fast international (1.5 days!!!) delivery to the UK! Plus, your customer service team are always an absolute pleasure to deal with. Look forward to ordering more from you again soon! Thanks, Jen

Thanks for the quick response. love your stuff its hard to find good quality in west virginia where i live. ive been a customer for more than 6 years (not sure exactly how long, my daughter is 5 tho and i know ive beed ordering from you since before she was born) you guys have the best quality product...anytime i try a different company i always get dissapointed and end up coming back to you look forward to the hats ill be looking for them

Thank you so much!!! This is my first time ordering, and I loved you guys the second I stumbled upon your site!!! I'm so excited to get these beautiful plugs, and your customer service is amazing!!! Thanks!!! I can't wait to order more in the future!!! :D

Thank you for your follow-up of this morning's conversation! It's nice to know that I'm more than just a number :] I have purchased three pairs of plugs from your company over the years, and not only is the craftsmanship of your products impeccable, your promptness in response and genuine desire to make sure your customers are satisfied is unparalleled in any company of any type I have ever dealt with. Precisely the reason I try to always buy local/from smaller companies. Please pass this along to your company head (and ALL those in between that facilitate in the process of creating such stellar products:]) as a sincere thank you for all that you do for our generation and sub-culture. Kudos Omerica, I can't wait to order again! xo Carm

Hi there, I just wanted to let you guys know I received my first order of plugs from you recently (Chechen music lovers, apricot missing piece and wild olive argyle) and am totally impressed with them. The quality of both the material and the designs/etching is just awesome. Also, the actual sale couldn't be flawed. I was kept up to date with where they were at at all times postage wise too. Just really very impressed alround. These were well worth the money spent. I will be back. Regards, Tim

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