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Ahhh I got those plugs in! They look absolutely amazing! Truly a work of art, really. They're beautiful! Thank you all for your great work!!! Definitely will be buying more!!

I would like to thank you and the ENTIRE staff at Omerica Organic SO much for providing environmentally conscious people like my girlfriend and I (and of course all the others as well!) with organic, fair trade jewelry that totally and completely surpasses ANY and ALL other companies out there making their "organic" jewelry. So I feel obliged to let you guys know just how much I LOVE your products. The first pair of plugs I bought from you guys back in I believe 2004 or 2005, I called to place my order and from what I remember I think it was a cell phone line that was being used when I placed my order. So to see the success of your company grow and progress SO tremendously over the years has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

Hi, I Just wanted to thank everyone at Omerica (especially Alejandra) for going out of your way and making me a pair of the scary face Jack-O-Lanterns! they are even better in the flesh (pun intended), and the 00 nocturnal decays i ordered for my girl made her so happy she started to cry. we will have to take a spooky halloween pic of us both rocking our new Plugs! thanks for taking such amazing care of your customers and for making my favorite holiday a little spookier! -Tristan A. D.-

Received my order (Friday). Thanks for the super quick turnout and shipping on this order. These are my first double flare plugs! Also, first sparkley wood ones. Boss is happy w/ solid plugs. Employee (me) is happy I can still wear them! They actually banned them at these set of hospitals because of ONE employee who wore huge clear glass eyelets, rather than putting in a stipulation that you need to wear solid plugs. Generally they make employees remove them, but that actually caused more issues than letting the employees keep wearing them. *insert rolling eyes* Oh how I forgot what's it like in my conservative home state. As usual you guys rock, and I really appreciate it! Daun

I couldn't say thank you enough. You guys are great! :) I'll be sure to make my order sometime next week. I'm so excited to get these plugs. You all also have a great weekend! Thanks, John.

Hello good people of Omerica!, First time purchaser sending out the love to your team! enjoying my plugs and am extremely happy about your eco- conscious decisions. got my holes back in '06 and gave up before I hit 4g. recently fell upon your site and was drawn to a purchase because of the earth love you portray, as an environmentalist myself I like to see it around. till I stretch again, all the best and safe travels my friends. wax worm.

You guys rule. Couldnt be more stoked to be continuing to do business with you!

Hello I received my octopus plugs yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with them they look great Thanks, Charlie

I got my new plugs today. And once again, they were flawless. Everything about them are perfect. I think I'm addicted :') now I have to figure out which pair to order this month (:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship and creativity. I have been a huge fan for a good while now; and can without a doubt say that the merchandise you produce at Omerica is the best I have ever seen! The first time I bought a set of plugs from you was at 1/2 inch, as soon as I opened the package I was amazed at the level of detail..not least by the fact that all of your products are crafted by hand. I have since increased in size and have always bought from Omerica every time I went up a size. I can't tell you how many times people have commented on your plugs whenever I wear them, and I always refer them back to you. I firmly believe such outstanding quality deserves a great audience and grand recognition.

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