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i was wondering if you could relay a message for me. my name is nick and i ordered a custome pair of plugs that were labled ( two face coin ). i would like to say who ever made these plugs is retarded good. these things came out so amazing and im absolutly blown away. i dont know if there was one person or a group of people who made these, but give them a pay increase at what ever level they want. they deserve it all the way.

Received my VE and GE flattys yesterday in record timing and I love em both my verawood plugs are already turning a lovingly beautiful green. OO is awesome I'll never order from anywhere else. Peace and love Chace

Thank you--just got them! They look great! Impressed yet again : D Stephanie

wow you guys are serious the best thank you so much your customer service is fantastic i love doing business with you and look forward to doing more in the future

you guys rock! these things are stupid awesome! thanks so much Kyle

Just wanted to let you know that you guys and girls are freaking awesome! I got my plugs today just in time for vacation. Thanks so much!

I'm just writing to thank you for your awesome customer service! I received my order this afternoon (well, yesterday) and everything's beautiful and perfect and couldn't have arrived at a better time. I hope you have an excellent day!!

Seriously: thankyou. Most companies are awkward and; well, wankers about it. DEFINITELY a dedicated customer now :) x

I just got my last order and had to send y'all an email. They are all so beautiful and the attention to detail is fantastic. I think the cherry blossoms are my favorite so far, they're just so delicate and elegant! I am an Omerica customer for life :) Thanks again!

Hi, Thank you! What a very cool news :). You're nice. Actually, you're regrouping (the Omerica group and the stuff), the exact cool mind that everybody researched for a long time. I'm not trying to say 'god bless omerica' and tattoo myself like a "geek" cause the concept is awesome; but i mean that it's really peacefull to find somewhere (of course not in France, it's always the same thing.), a shop where stuff and people, think and makes products in agreement with a coolest and peacefull mind. Not commercial shop to only get money some more and more and don't try to really understund or be cool with everyone. I'm working on wood too and i worked on differents job, i guess that's why your product interessed me so much. I'm not telling that cause you offered me a large gift box you know, it's a question of mind and reactions. And for the moment, i love yours. Well i needed to say it with my very Frenchy'words. That's it. Thanks, i can't wait my order :) patience & cool mind.

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