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Hi, I just wanted to email and tell you I got my plugs today and they are amazing! I love them!!! Thank You sooooooo much for everything! You guys are incredible and I will be looking forward to the plethora of compliments I'll be sure to get when I'm rocking my beautiful new plugs! Thanks again for everything I really really appreciate it!

I got my plugs today and they are all sooo gorgeous! I love them all can not wait to start wearing them :) I am greatly excited to start streching my lobes again so i can order more plugs from you. Thank you all for your great work and amazing customer service. Kudos to you all.

I just wanted to say thank you ;) so much !!!! The order worked out perfectly, i got my pink ivory plug with the fawn and my osage orange plug with the aztec. Iam so happy with them ;) thanks to all !!!

Wow! thank you so much, the plugs are absolutely beautiful, and I cant tell you how much I appreciate all the help and all your efforts to get my clovers here for st. pat's. not only is the quality and finish outstanding but your customer service is the best I've ever encountered! thanks again so very much, and "Slainte agus tainte!" grab a pint-o-Guinness on Thursday with me! (I'll be joinin' you in spirit).

Hey I got the gauges I had ordered and I just wanted to say they were absolutely AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for a better set of custom made gauges! The detail was remarkable! Thank you for the time you put into them! It was well worth my money! I will be using you guys in the future.

i recently received plugs i ordered last week. I ordered 33mm globe plugs in zebra wood, and let me say. these things look incredible. i cannot wait to show them off. you guys are my primary source for plugs from now on. i'll be promoting the crap outta you guys.

Ive wanted plugs from Omerica since i found your website about a year ago and finally i purchased a pair! I ordered my concave suns and recieved them in about 2 weeks. The fact theyre made to order made me very happy. I really just wanted to take the time to preach to the choir and tell you all at Omerica to keep it up! The plugs I ordered are of the best quality I have seen in the 7 years Ive had stretched ears. The detail and intricacy is bar none. I also am in love with the fact that you put back in what you get out and support our environment in the best ways you can. Youve earned yourself a long time customer and look forward to ordering more products from you. Thanks again!

Hey guys, I just wanted to send you folks a big thank you. My plugs are a perfect fit and they look amazing, thank you so much for working with me at finding the right fit. Seriously you guys rock. Thanks again..... One happy customer

Hi, I ordered a pair of 9 lives plugs and just received them in the mail today. They are the most AMAZING organic/wood plugs I have ever owned. They are SO smooth and comfortable and just top quality. I LOVE them :) I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more!! Thankyou SO much!

HOLY CRAP THESE THINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I now see why it took so long, lol. Good lord, I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks so much for making a product that is actually MORE beautiful in person, than the pictures online. And they actually FIT like they're supposed to!!! I'm soooo stoked about these plugs. You guys will DEFINITELY see another order from me very soon. Thanks so much!!!!

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