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hanks again for your awesome customer service, it is certainly notable compared to everything else today. Definitely an example I will follow when I begin a business of my own. Have a great new year!

Sean Healey

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to drop you a line saying how in love I am with what I unwrapped earlier tonight from under the tree. As always, I love your stuff and this box is the cherry on top of everything.

Keep up the awesome factor, guys! Have a great holiday

Danica McCann

Got my plugs in right on time and they are fantastic as always. Thanks a ton and nice work being awesome ! :D



I just got the zebra wood plugs I ordered and they are gorgeous! I was worried about getting them in time for Christmas but you guys are awesome and got them here quickly. Thank you so much, I cannot wait to give them to my boyfriend for Christmas!

Thank you,



I love the work just bought my girlfriend a pair of the side hearts as a surprise, she told me not to cause they are expensive but they are so worth it. Great work and keep it up I support everything you guys do, love organic work, anything to do to be environmentally friendly is awesome. I was wondering if you guys have any hats for sale, or any stickers.

Thanks again, Tyler.

p.s. keep up the good work

Hey Guys!

I received the custom plugs I had made for a good friend of mine about a week ago. Absolutely fantastic work. The vera clovers really started to pop on the second day! I will keep it short and sweet, but I wanted to thank you guys for your incredible craftsmanship. I definitely look forward to getting some custom work for myself done in the near future. I also got one of the new shirts the other day as well and it looks great!


Benjamin Eddy


Just wanted to let you guys know, its great what youve got going on here. You help people out very generously, and seem to have top of the line products. and the best part is your integrating ways to help the evironment, like planting trees for every order, truly awesome. I havent bought anything from here (yet) cause i just stumbled upon the site today. Just wanted to show appreciation for your hard work mixed with ethical responsibility, you guys are really kickass, and i hope more business follow in your foot steps. a business strategy like this could be called a trajectory in that it is completely sustainable and supports itself and reinforces itself effectively and without much harm to the environment. Cause how is a business good for the people, if that business is ruining the earth in which they live in? all matter is recycled, im glad you understand that.

keep up the good work and all that..


Thanks again for yalls help. You provide unprecedented service that I have yet to seen matched anywhere on the net.

-Kyle W.

Hey guys,

I want to tell you that the work you did on the custom order of the dog tags and the birds of a feather pendant with all I asked for blew me out of the water and I just sat there looking at them for lord knows how long afraid to touch them. They are absolutely beautiful and very worth the wait for them to be done right per your own delays due to choices in the quality of the wood I asked for. i am still stunned at how beautiful they are. Thank you SO much. I can promise I will be giving you more custom orders as the time progresses cause your work has consistantly been wonderful.

Thanks again,



My brother and I stopped by your shop immediately after he picked me up from the airport. Visiting omerica was a highlight from the trip, and I wanted to thank you guys for being (awesome in general but...) generous specifically. We both really really appreciated it. He loves his new medic plugs and I am SO excited to stretch my gauge so I can wear these new vera wood tunnels. Both of us are excited to try more products. Again, Thank you so much, you have an awesome company and staff. Everyone was SO nice and willing to talk about what they do.

Hope everything is successful and your dreams become even better than you planned. :)

Logan K (From Washington)

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