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Just wanted to send you a message of appreciation on my plugs. They are everything i wanted and even though there was a delay I am really satisfied and proud to own something this special. The note was also a nice touch.

Thanks again, Dillon

Hey Omerica crew,

I just received my 0g tiger ebony plugs with CZ inlay yesterday. I will admit, I was never a fan of organics before I started seeing specifically Omericas woods and the companys gorgeous, made-to-order plugs. I absolutely love my plugs, and will surely be ordering from you again.

Thanks, Zahra Keshwani

I had to remove my gauged jewelry about a year and a half ago so unfortunately am not in the market for your plugs, but I wanted to let you know I think they are beautiful and I will share your site with my friends. (Maybe one day I can stretch again....)

Keep up the beautiful work... Jennifer

Dear Omerica Organic,

I would just like to say how impressed i am with everything you guys do for the earth. most 16 year olds wouldnt care about the earth, but i do, and i really appreciate all the steps you take to try and make it a better place. Its good to see that there are some people that care about it just as much as i do, and it makes me feel even better to know that whenever im buying a product from you that i am helping the earth. I greatly appreciate everything you do and i just wanted to say thank you.

Sincerely, Lisa Torres

To whom it may concern,

I discovered your company a little less than a year ago when I first decided to stretch my ears. I have never been able to afford any of your plugs because of the limits of a college students budget. Despite this financial set-back I still continued to admire Omerica and its products from afar, loving how natural yet stylish each piece was, and quickly realizing that this company is by far superior in its market. Recently, my boyfriend, feeling generous, purchased for me my first pair of Omerica plugs: the Retros in a 1/2". Let me just say that these little guys did in no way disappoint, they are the only plugs that I have received compliments for even from my more conservative friends who are not into the bod-mod culture. I think they are so beautiful and I can tell a lot of care and precision goes into each piece. Well, basically I just wanted to let you folks over in Colorado know that you have a huge fan in New York City and to keep up the excellent work. I currently have my eyes on the limited edition cupcakes, which I know I will never have the bank for, but they are genius and a girl can dream, right? Thank you for your stellar service, it is greatly appreciated!


Emily E. Dirienzo


I wanted to tell you; first off, my boyfriend bought me a pair of GORGEOUS plugs from you for my valentines day present. They were a pair of 1 1/4" bloodwood/other wood?/cz inlays. They are my first pair of "nice" like out to dinner type wear, and I could not be happier!

Secondly, I had attempted to buy him a pair of plugs for valentines day also, custom made through a body jewelry "expert" in the city. The attempt was a pair of 3/4" double flared hollow white gold plated plugs w/ the engraving "forever and" on one side, "a day" on the other. Long story short, $225 Dollars and 2 months later, and lots of send backs, I ended up having to get my money back. More than disappointing, but lesson learned! Buy from you guys, because you obviously know what you are doing.

So I will be doing some type of super later valentines day present for him once the poorly spent money on some of the worst craftsman ship I have ever seen comes back into my account this week.

Much appreciation for people who spend time making quality works of art, Michele Nancy

I sincerely appreciate your help and time you have put into making sure i am completely satisfied with my order. Your customer service is outstanding, and I have never once been unhappy with any of my purchases. I will continue to order merchandice from you and will also refer friends and family. You have a customer for life. Keep doing what your doing.

Thank you. Sincerely, Janelle Mitros

Hey Omerica! My name is Ben, and I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting your time and effort into my new plugs. I love em so much! They got here this afternoon and I just thought I needed to tell Omerica how amazing they are. I love the whole Omerica way. Why cant more business understand that the precious resources mother earth has to give are just drifting away. I am so happy to know that my plugs planted a tree:] well thanks so much guys! Omerica is the only place worthy of my plug money! Peace Love and Greens to you all!

Thanks so much, Ben McMahon

I got my plugs today, and I finally got to actually see them about 7 hours ago. I am still trying to think of the proper words to explain how incredibly amazing and sentimental these plugs are, and so far I have yet to come up with anything. I do not think theres anything I can say to express how much these plugs mean to me.

Until I can get my head together (I am still freaking out like some fanboy) I will just pass on these two words:

Thank you.

They are perfect.

I wanted to let you know the package arrived today. I love them, even more than the ebony you sent, I think. Also, I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the high caliber of your customer service. To not only send me a free pair of plugs, but also include some oil with the last ones is more than I could have expected, despite the delay. Sometimes these things happen.

Thanks again.


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