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My god, they are beautiful! My nephew is going to love them.

Thanks for making his birthday special and I get to keep my reputation as the best Auntie on the planet.

Cheers, C

I appreciate your concern and attention to detail on my order, and I trust that you have the same care for every order. My girl loved the plugs, I myself have not seen them yet because I am a medic in the Army stationed in Korea right now, and my girl is back in the states. But long story short, thank you for taking the time out of your day to keep communication with the customer strong.


Yeah Man, I Got Them And I Absolutly Love Them So Far, Excellent Craftmanship.... I Will Def Order Some More Plugs From You Cats, As I Plan To Stretch Even Further! So You Guys Def Have A Customer For The Duration Of Your Businesses Operation!

Much Appreciation!

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to let you know that I received my plugs today!

They are beautiful,

pictures to follow,

thanks again,


Hey there,

I wanted to stop by and let you know how great your plugs are. A few months ago I ordered a pair of your plugs from your ebay account neversummer81. They were a 5/8 saddled pair of olivewood plugs. They were bigger than what I was currently wearing as a 5/8 but oh well. But from the first time I handled them you could tell the craftsmanship of them was top notch and as smooth as acrylic plugs.

Well the reason I write is because I wanted a new set of plugs and ordered a pair from another organic plugs seller. Today I got them and realized that you guys make the best plugs. Though these are not too bad, they are nowhere near the quality of your product. So I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing product and next time I will know better when ordering from somewhere else.

Jared Wiglusz


I have received my order and I am VERY pleased. I have only positive things to say. Thanks a lot for all of your help. I certainly look forward to ordering more products from Omerica in the future and big thanks for the extra cards.

All the best, Derwinn

Hey team Omerica,

This is Sean Campbell, I ordered some custom plugs for my girlfriends recently through you all, and you guys did an amazing job. I do not mind if you do not have time to reply, but just letting you know you all are doing a great job and we support you, I plan on buying a lot more from you all, as much as income allows.

Take care, Sincerely, Sean Campbell.

P.S, props to zo.


I really like your guys work im spreadin the word down here.

-Eli L.


Thanks for hooking this up. I’m a big fan of your guys company and am not shy about letting my friends etc. know. Hopefully the FedEx deal works out, and your shipping headaches are over! Thanks again.


Yo whats up guys,

I am Kevin Angley. Just ordered my first pair of plugs from you guys. There fucking ill, I got the orange wood with the face add-on. Let me tell you, you guys are 100 percent sick artist. I live in New York and where I am from in NY people are the nicest or accepting to my gauges, I am nothing to huge, I am up to 5/8, but I love them. Before you guys I have only had any boring shit to put in my ears but now I cannot wait to show off my new shit to all the people who have their noses up high. Well I just wanted to write to say what up and thank you guys for make sick jewelry. Keep it going because if you do that, I will keep buyin, hah peace out guys .

-Kevin A.

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