Omerica Organic


Our medium of choice is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and naturally gorgeous.

We purchase our wood stock ethically from trusted suppliers in the USA and we plant trees to offset our consumption. Our woods are all-natural, finished with beeswax, and are never dyed or chemically stabilized.

Plug Wearing Woods

Pink Ivory - PI

Wild Olive - WO

Gabon Ebony - GE

Verawood - VE

Osage Orange - OO

Bloodwood - BW

Tiger Ebony - TE

Zebrawood - ZW

Chechen - CH

Curly Maple - MPL

Swiss Pear - SP

Cherry - CRY

Adornment Woods

Cocobolo - COCO

Inlay Woods

Apricot - AP

Hollywood - HW

Boxwood - BOX

Katalox - KTX

Beetle Kill Pine - BTL

Amboyna Burl - AB

Blue Mahoe - BLM