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    To earn points, of course! Points are redeemable for Cash or Store Credit!

    Omerica has killed it on the grassroots level, thanks to the word of mouth from our loyal customers. We want to reward you guys for hooking us up by spreading the word about Omerica Organic! If your thinking, "I tell people about Omerica all the time," then you'll make a great rep! Sign up and start earning points!

    How does it work?

    Let's say you run into your friend Jenny at a show, and she compliments you on your Omerica jewelry. You give her your rep code and tell her to check out

    When Jenny enters your code at checkout she gets 20% off her first order, earning YOU points to redeem for cash or credit! The best part is, that after Jenny uses your rep code once she is automatically linked to your rep code FOR LIFE. You get 1 point for every dollar Jenny spends, forever! The more people you give your code to, the more customers you have earning you points with every order, and you can watch your points add up as your rep code works for you time and time again!

    We give you the tools to succeed!

    We have developed tons of ways to help you to promote and earn points. Have a blog? We've got HTML banners. Hit the street with our fliers, stickers and rep cards. Learn More

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  • To keep your image from warping, please upload a square image at 72dpi. File names can only be numbers and letters. No special characters.
    The following terms apply to all perspective and current Team Omerica Members.
    - We are not liable for negligence, injury, or anything else that may happen to you when participating in the Omerica Street Team. Do not break the law!
    - We do not condone violence, profanity or explicit material, nudity, or any other malicious behavior on any of our social networking sites, or in any way when promoting the name Omerica Organic.
    - We reserve the right to cancel anyone's account at any time for any reason as we see fit.
    - We reserve the right to deactivate a gift code at any time for any reason as we see fit.
    - Our logo must be represented in only one of 2 ways: Full logo, OO (with roots), or OO (simple line version). You cannot change or alter our logo in any way, this includes colors, shape, or size (if it defects the quality).

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  • How do I earn points, make money and receive store credit?
    Every time you bring a new customer into the Omerica family you become linked to them for life. Each time they purchase anything from you earn points - FOR LIFE!
    How do points work?
    Example: Someone spends $100 dollars using your rep code You earn: 100 points = $10 in Omerica Credit or $2.50 in Cash Basically, we are hooking you up with up to 10% returns on Omerica!
    How do I view my points?
    Once you log into your Team Omerica go to "My Account."
    How do I get receive cash or my Omerica credit?
    Very simple, log in and go to "My Account" then click on the "Redeem" tab.
    What do new customers get after I direct them to your site?
    They will receive 20% off of their first purchase with Omerica by using your code. Pretty sick, right?
    Can I use my rep code when I order stuff online?
    Sorry, no. Only new, non-you, first time customers can use your rep code.
    How do I get tools to help me promote Omerica?
    We have the tools you need to succeed!!! Log in and go to "Earn Points."
    Are the promotional tools free?
    Most of them are! You can print out fliers, send out emails with your rep code, post it on blogs or profiles. We even have customizable banners which you can post on your sites, blogs, and social networks. Then there are rep cards and stickers, which cost you one penny + shipping.
    Still want more tips, tricks and suggestions on how to Rep Omerica?
    Download Omerica's Guide To Reppin' Like A Pro!


    How do I get a banner on my website, blog or Tumblr page?
    Go to the banner page and copy the HTML code after you enter your rep code, then paste the banner code into pages that take html codes. When blogging, make sure you're adding it into a field which is HTML enabled. If you're having trouble contact [email protected].
    In my account I have points that are "pending," why is that?
    Every purchase that comes through is proccessed manually by our awesome customer service wizards. When the status of your points is "pending" that means that it is either in que to be approved or we are waiting for payment on that order. There may be times where an order is never approved because we never received payment from that customer (i.e. their credit card declined). Let us know if you have any concerns, but please remember to give each order about 2 business days (M-F) to be approved. Thank you for your patience.
    My rep code doesn't seem to be working.
    If your rep is not generating the discounted amount, please check with your customers and make sure they (a.) are using the right code, (b.) are not an existing customer of ours, they need to be a first time customer for the code to work properly. If none of these are the case please email [email protected] so we can help you out!
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