Omerica Organic Environment

Eco Consciousness!

We practice this in our shop everyday...

As a business, we work to reduce our footprint wherever possible. We plant trees to offset our wood consumption, we purchase wind energy to run our workshop, and we reduce, reuse, and recycle as often as we're able.


We donate to the Nature Conservancy Tree Planting Program As our way of offseting our wood consumption. FACT: We can make thousands and thousands of products from only one tree. We are happy to have planted 10,500 trees through our tree program and another 4,681 from an Event we Co produced, thus totalling 15,131 trees.


For years we've purchased 100% wind energy from Xcel Energy's Windsource Program to power our shop. We work to run our shop as efficiently as possible, and make every attempt to limit our energy use every day.


Wood SourcingWood Sourcing

Omerica purchases all its wood in an ethical manner, from trusted suppliers right here in the USA. We choose to buy our woods from companies in the USA and not import directly because we do not have the resources to manage such a supply chain.