About our Wood

We ethically source our wood from trusted suppliers in the USA and plant trees to offset our consumption. Our woods are all-natural, finished with carnauba wax, and never dyed or chemically stabilized.

Wood adornment is a beautiful way to connect with nature. Each piece of our jewelry is a story, the grains speaking to you with beauty from its past. Organic materials were among the first materials to be used for jewelry, and we are excited to be bringing them back with a modern urban feel!

Wood is a wonderful material to wear. It is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Whether in your ears or just touching your skin, wood always has a warm feel. Due to the porous nature of wood, ears will feel healthier and less prone to smells.


Although we take many precautions to offer only woods that are not toxic to the skin, some people may still have a reaction to wood. If you notice any irritation, remove the jewelry immediately and consult with a doctor.

Inlay Only Woods