About US

We are a small family owned and operated business based in Colorado, USA.

It's been almost 20 years since we began our journey.

Our company was founded in 2004 to craft high-quality made to order wood plugs, gauges, jewelry, and many other custom products.

Over the years we've evolved our process and products.

We work tirelessly to maintain the principals of our foundation; custom-making each pair to order with the highest standards possible, implementing eco-conscious measures often, offering unique and innovative styles, and providing excellent customer service every time.

The OO Crew is amazing, each with a creative background in one way or another. We love what we do and take pride in our work; we've put a lot of ourselves into building this business and making every piece of adornment that leaves our shop something we'd personally be proud to wear.

Craftsman using hand Dremel to sand wood ear gauge jewelry on a lathe.
Craftsman measuring wood to cut on chop saw.
Measuring ear gauges during quality inspection.
Sanding wood ear gauge on belt sander.
Hand sanding a wood ear gauge plug on a lathe.

Made to Order

Welcome to our shop! Good tunes, creativity, conversation, and the hum of machinery float through the air of our 2,500 square foot space in Arvada, Colorado. We also have a jewelry studio in Denver, CO where we do all our metal work. From design to customer service, where your jewelry is made, Omerica does it all. Thus allowing us to efficiently implement customer feedback and to innovate new styles. You can feel proud knowing that a purchase from us supports a small eco-conscious business creating jobs right here in the USA. If you're ever in Colorado, please feel free to swing by for a visit!