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    My plugs are awesome! The craftsmanship is incredible. Thanks for the prompt service. I am definitely a life-time customer of your product.
  • ★★★★★
    great quality plugs and outstanding customer service. I messed my order up a few different ways and their support team responded to everything very fast and my product still arrived perfection on time.
  • ★★★★★
    I just received my 0g tiger ebony plugs with CZ inlay yesterday. I will admit, I was never a fan of organics before I started seeing specifically Omericas woods and the companys gorgeous, made-to-order plugs. I absolutely love my plugs, and will surely be ordering from you again. Thanks,
  • ★★★★★
    My god, they are beautiful! My nephew is going to love them. Thanks for making his birthday special and I get to keep my reputation as the best Auntie on the planet. Cheers, C
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much! I am really impressed with your customer service and will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again.
  • Paul
  • Jake
  • Zahra
  • Auntie C
  • Dana



HOLY CRAP THESE THINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I now see why it took time, lol. Good lord, I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks so much for making a product that is actually MORE beautiful in person, than the pictures online. And they actually FIT like they're supposed to!!! I'm soooo stoked about these plugs. You guys will DEFINITELY see another order from me very soon. Thanks so much!!!!



great quality plugs and outstanding customer service. I messed my order up a few different ways and their support team responded to everything very fast and my product still arrived perfection on time. - Jake



I'm incredibly impressed with Omerica, the website is beautiful and unified, the plugs look amazing and well designed, you're actually involved with your social networking sites which seem valuable for customers to engage in, and I LOVE your tree program. Omerica is so far ahead of any other website that deals with these products, and I have spent many hours relentlessly Googling to be certain of this. I'm so ecstatic because I'm so relieved to finally find exactly what I'm looking for - thank you!



Hey, guys! Just wanted to drop you a line saying how in love I am with what I unwrapped earlier tonight from under the tree. As always, I love your stuff and this box is the cherry on top of everything. Keep up the awesome factor, guys! Danica



Thank you so much! I am really impressed with your customer service and will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again. Dana



My plugs are awesome! The craftsmanship is incredible. Thanks for the prompt service. I am definitely a life-time customer of your product. Paul



Those Ebony wood tunnels that I had you redo for me look AWESOME!!! And the 1" ebony plugs o-ring grooves are great, the o-rings stay in place and will not pop out. Thanks, James.



Thank you much. I just got them today and they are by far the best pair of plugs I have ever owned. -Josh



Thanks, I got the plugs Friday and was immediately impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. I collect a lot of fine jewelry (diamonds/emeralds/opals/many others/gold/platinum.)and high end watches. These are suitable to wear when I am "disguised" in my work suit/tie or going out to an event. I was tired of too many (especially in larger size) plugs being just funky. Funky is cool, but I also need to dress up for interaction with humanoids who simply do not get it. Thanks again, Ben



I would like to thank you for everything you have done to make this experience as pleasant as possible. The plugs turned out as beautiful as I had hoped. You have been truly accommodating and it has been a pleasure. Thank you for everything. Yesterday I did receive credit for the plugs. Sincerely, Rebecca



I just want you to know, that me and your site.. We are in love. You people are freaking amazing. If you ever need someone to be a tester, you just let me know.. lol.. I will let you know if the wood is good. :) ( I wear 1 1/4's in case you are feeling extra lovey today and cant help but oblige.. ) Have a good one.- Mija



I received my plugs today, and they are excellent. They look, fit, and feel great. Thank you for what I consider to be the best customer service I have ever had. I wish you and your craft much prosperity. Thanks again, Chris



I just wanted to contact you to let you know that about 2 months ago I ordered a pair of single flare top hat zebra wood 1 inch plugs and they are great. I could not be happier. Great quality and speedy shipping. Keep it up...I will defiantly order more in the future. Mike



My new plugs are great, I get compliments on them all the time. I have told all my other organic plug enthusiasts friends about your great work. I am planning on ordering a new pair sometime next month. I am going bigger in gauges just so it is easier to tell all the cool abstract shit that is in each plug. Keep up the great work.



Thank you. The plugs are beautiful and the t- and plugs are getting good ware. Take it easy, Jason Klein



Thank you so much for helping me with this shitty situation. It is not every day that you deal with people who are genuinely willing to help you out and not bullshit you. If there is any customer service thing I can fill out to say thanks I would be down. Thanks a lot -Anthony S.



You make ordering on your sight so simple. Plus it is done so well I am confident about their outcome. Unlike other places where I have bought natural plugs before. I cannot wait to get them. Annie



Thanks for the personal reply, because you and the company deal with people directly not an automated email, I decided that i should buy my first set of plugs ever from "real" people. I ordered 1 set of 6ga, and i set of 4 ga. my goal is 2 ga. so I can order your custom inlay plugs. I also ordered the oil you recommend on the site. If you are not the owner please forward this to him so he/she will know that ALOT of people like emailing and talking to people! Not machines!



I made an order tonight and I would like to say that you guys have it goin on down there I like your purchase and plug building set up its fast an easy. Keep up the sweet art work. Dustin



I just received them in the mail today and as always I am very impressed. I really like the work you do down there and I am happy to add these new pairs to my collection. I may also have some custom work in mind.



I got my plugs today and they are FANTASTIC!!! Keep up the great work! This is my 4th pair!! -Kaitlyn



I would like to say that you all make; hands down; the best plugs for the price of anyone out there. I purchased a set of 4 gauge plugs and they were the most comfortable things ever. Now that I have reached my intended size I just had to get some more. Thanks again for taking such great care in your product, the earth, and its resources. There should be more companies with the "green" mentality out there. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend and I cannot wait to see my new plugs!! Bryan



This is my second purchase from you. My first purchase was a pair of 5/8 plugs in the same style. I love them but with time my ears stretched so I am buying this new pair, a bit bigger. They never faded; they still look like the day I bought them. I have the jojoba oil to put on them which kept them from drying out. I know I will love my new pair just the same. You have the best quality plugs. I will not buy them from anyone else. Thank You, Linda



Got my new Omerica granadillo spindles in the mail today and I love them! Seriously, this is hands-down THE BEST ear jewelry I have tried yet and I am going to be getting my jewelry from you guys exclusively from now on. I like your mission statement, your company, your on-line plug configuration tool is excellent (I am a web-programmer / interface designer and I gotta say "nice work!"), your selection is outstanding and your service is spot-on, top notch! You guys have a great company going and I hope you are around for a long, long time. I look forward to buying your work for a long, long time as well.



I am pretty poor but your website was so well done, convincing, and easy to use, and this is such an awesome idea that I could not resist investing in some good plugs. That design interface is awesome, good going. I am so excited to get my new jewelry! Thanks so much. If I ever get another pair, I am definitely doing some birds. Yeah. Awesome. Melissa.



Wow! They are absolutely phenominal. I am incredibly stoked that you guys managed the Gaboon Ebony inlays. They definitely were worth any wait that may have followed after this day. Absolutely awesome. I will be sending you guys in a picture of them in when I get my new camera body and lens. You all have yet to disappoint. Thanks for the excellent work and support. Make sure to take care. -Travis



I love what I see on your site, really helpful with the FAQs and I had a ton of fun with the interactive builder, I loved the custom center star ones in your picture gallery. Matt F.



I just wanted to thank you guys i think that you guys are all awesome!-Nik



Wow, thank you! I am very pleased with the plugs I received. Lots of people have asked me where I found them, and I let them know about your website. Kellee M.



Thank you for your super fast response!! Wow! I actually just received a pair of 13/16" plugs that I won on eBay from you, they are the MOST beautiful plugs I have ever seen! (They have an inlay AND a side star!!) Thanks again for the great service. Talk to you soon!! J. Caoilfhionn



Thanks again! They are gorgeous. As soon as the coupon comes I will be ordering another pair or two... thanks! Michael



I was in your shop on with my mom and Zoe was absolutely awesome! He showed us around the shop and was very friendly. I want to order some pieces but I will have to get back to Florida before I can do that. I would like to promote Omerica Organic!!! If I give you my address would you please send some business cards so I can pass them around? Thank you soo much for being great! - Sara



 Holy hell! 20 minutes and I feel like someone made love to my ears!!! FUCKING TIGHT!!! THANK YOU!!! I will be buying again sooner than I know it! Thanks, Mike D.



I am Kevin Angley. Just ordered my first pair of plugs from you guys. There fucking ill, I got the orange wood with the face add-on. Let me tell you, you guys are 100 percent sick artist. I live in New York and where I am from in NY people are the nicest or accepting to my gauges, I am nothing to huge, I am up to 5/8, but I love them. Before you guys I have only had any boring shit to put in my ears but now I cannot wait to show off my new shit to all the people who have their noses up high. Well I just wanted to write to say what up and thank you guys for make sick jewelry. Keep it going because if you do that, I will keep buyin, hah peace out guys . -Kevin A.



Thanks for hooking this up. I'm a big fan of your guys company and am not shy about letting my friends etc. know. Hopefully the FedEx deal works out, and your shipping headaches are over! Thanks again. Jon.



I really like your guys work im spreadin the word down here. -Eli



This is Sean Campbell, I ordered some custom plugs for my girlfriends recently through you all, and you guys did an amazing job. I do not mind if you do not have time to reply, but just letting you know you all are doing a great job and we support you, I plan on buying a lot more from you all, as much as income allows. Take care, Sincerely, Sean



I have received my order and I am VERY pleased. I have only positive things to say. Thanks a lot for all of your help. I certainly look forward to ordering more products from Omerica in the future and big thanks for the extra cards. All the best, Derwinn



I wanted to stop by and let you know how great your plugs are. A few months ago I ordered a pair of your plugs from your ebay account neversummer81. They were a 5/8 saddled pair of olivewood plugs. They were bigger than what I was currently wearing as a 5/8 but oh well. But from the first time I handled them you could tell the craftsmanship of them was top notch and as smooth as acrylic plugs. Well the reason I write is because I wanted a new set of plugs and ordered a pair from another organic plugs seller. Today I got them and realized that you guys make the best plugs. Though these are not too bad, they are nowhere near the quality of your product. So I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing product and next time I will know better when ordering from somewhere else. Jared



Just wanted to let you know that I received my plugs today! They are beautiful, pictures to follow, thanks again, Lara



Yeah Man, I Got Them And I Absolutely Love Them So Far, Excellent Craftsmanship.... I Will Def Order Some More Plugs From You Cats, As I Plan To Stretch Even Further! So You Guys Def Have A Customer For The Duration Of Your Businesses Operation! Much Appreciation!



I appreciate your concern and attention to detail on my order, and I trust that you have the same care for every order. My girl loved the plugs, I myself have not seen them yet because I am a medic in the Army stationed in Korea right now, and my girl is back in the states. But long story short, thank you for taking the time out of your day to keep communication with the customer strong.-Ashton



My god, they are beautiful! My nephew is going to love them. Thanks for making his birthday special and I get to keep my reputation as the best Auntie on the planet. Cheers, C



Wow! Omerica makes the finest jewelry I have worn. I have dealt with everybody, trust me, and hands down, you guys are the best. Quality, craftsmanship, detail and even fast delivery...you got it all. I found you guys through a local tattoo shop here in Pennsylvania. They recommended you and I never really looked back. I started out with regular piercings when I was 10! A year and a half ago I started stretching because I was just always fond of it. Now I am 27 and I went from nothing to a 1 inch stretch and I am so happy about it. I usually get a few stares and when people ask, I always tell them about you. How your facility is running on wind energy, everything is handmade and custom built to order and I even told the guys I work with that you will plant a tree for every set you sell. I could not be happier and feel like I am giving back a little to the environment. I checked out the shirts, and I think I will take a gray medium if ya got it. Now that I am stopping at 1 inch, I am gonna buy more so I have an array of cool wood plugs. Maybe down the road I can have you guys custom make me a set with a jigsaw puzzle piece inlay on each one or a carving of a puzzle piece. Always thought that was a cool idea. Anyway, I am rambling. Thanks so much for everything and for the shirt and remember, your company means a lot to a lot of people I am sure. And I am one of them. Sincerely, Steve



I just received my order from you and I am blown away. For custom made plugs, the delivery time was amazing. The workmanship is absolutely stunning. I am not just satisfied, or even happy, I am totally excited and stoked out of my mind by your plugs. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can not wait to design another pair. Be well, Birdy



So i just got my first plugs from you guys. All i have to say is they are amazing! I dont think i could ask for a better pair of plugs. I cant wait to work with your guys again. oh and i will be sending you some pictures of me wearing them.



To all you guys(and gals) over there! I could not be happier with how they turned out! They are so fantastic, I could not wait till x-mas to give them to him. He loves em! They are absolutely perfect. Thanks again for all the hard work out of your team. -Cass (and Jim)



I have a background in carpentry, and a love for woodcraft, and your plugs are definitely the best I have ever seen. I look forward to doing business with you all again in the future, especially now that I know that your customer support is such a high priority for you. Sincerely, Matt



I was just browsing trough the web. So I came to your page, where I wasn't in ages! I bought a pair of plugs from you looong time. So I was surprised to see the new Homepage and all these new products. I just wanted to tell you that I find you making a real good job. I am glad business is running for you guys and you even have time and possibilities to work on wind energy! I am glad that there are still small (or semi small) companys out there, ran by young people. I wanna start a business on my own as well, maybe next year. Not too sure yet what exactly. But your story gave me relief in my worries. Well, thats it basically! I gonna order some stuff soon, some plugs and a buckle. I just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how i appreciate your effort to make a difference in modern economy and craftsmanship.



I just want to write in appreciation for you people and just how amazingly awesome you guys are and your excellent work ethic and the inspiration that it sends my way. I have just discovered you earlier this day and am already a return client that will be buying for years. And I would also like to thank you for the encouragement to take on the big box stores of our day and follow your dreams. You will soon be seeing me in the store to shake the hands of people who I call heros. Keep up the awesome wood carving. Thanks again. -Blue



I must say...wow! I had bought several pairs of plugs back in 2005-2006 from you and was highly satisfied with the products I received. A few of the plugs I had ordered were tigers eye inlays in gaboon ebony double flares, mother of pearl on gaboon ebony tophats, and bloodwood inlays in gaboon ebony double flares. Looking at your website for the first time in two years, I am glad to know I invested my money in your business. Looks like production has come a long way since I was first introduced to your company by a local piercer in Raleigh, NC. Since the time I had ordered plugs from you, I have told many people of your services and have directed them towards your website. I just wanted to offer my thanks for the superb products that I had purchased years ago. I am also eager to do business with your company in the near future. Thanks for your services, Will



I would like to say I have not seen any other website that has made me feel important when ordering anything [still have not...someday] I happened to be looking around for something that might help me start making my own plugs [since money is tight right now] and I came across Omerica. I am happy I did though. A happy new fan/soon to be customer, Astro


Hey i just got the custom plugs i ordered from you guys today. The design i thought would be tough to get on such a small gauge but you guys pulled it off perfectly, could not be more satisified with your work on this one. Thanks so much for your support and for the extensive quality, effort, and time you put into them. Expect me to claim my discount code and be back for more from you guys! Eric



You guys are the sh*t. Omerica is the only place I can get custom fit plugs, and more natural wood accessories!(the belt buckles are sick!), and you are always hookin us up with these discount periods. And right in time for my birthday!!(4-20). Thanks for being f*cking bad ass! Cody



I just wanted to let you know that I have been buying plugs from you guys for a while now. I wear your jewelry exclusively because not just the quality of work is amazing but more importantly your customer service is THE BEST. Period. The reason I am writing this though is to say that the new website and designs you are producing are the best in the business. I really hope you continue to expand your product line and are successful with it. I remember seeing some side star in a Hot Topic about a year after I had purchased mine and laughed and was excited that you guys had exposure like that and wish they would have kept them.(Although I still would have gone through you directly I am not a fan of hot topic) In any case I just ordered a new pair of Owl engraved plugs and actually called to change the wood type and had got the discount email after I made my purchase (thats how fast I ordered once I got the first email) as usual you guys helped me out. The last time I ordered the original plaids and you guys actually had to change the design and compensated me very well for the extra time and not being able to get the exact plaids. (Thank you again of course) You guys should be the model for the industry, and this is not a kiss a$$ email. I am and always have been pleased with you guys since the original black background website with only a few designs. Please include more business cards with my order if possible I have run out a while back. By the way I believe I spoke with Michelle this time please thank her I think the Vera wood was a much better choice for me and will look much better compared to the olive. Shawn



Omg! What an awesome and unexpected surprise! Such an altruistic gesture means so much-not to mention the awesome plugs. Its really cool of you guys to be supportive of your peeps in these trying times. I told a couple people about it and they couldn't believe it. My one buddy told me it made him want to order something because of your magnanimous attitude towards your customers. Again i cant say what it means. Imma hype up your myspace once i get online too... You guys rock. Thank you so much again, Nick



I just wanted to say thanks. I received my order today. You guys called me to tell me it was shipped. That was so awesome. When it comes to customer service, I say you win. I love love love all of my jewelry. I ordered it for my wedding at the end of this month. My wedding band is titanium with olive inset into it so I ordered the CZ plugs, CZ pendant, and olive wood bangle from you guys to match the ring. And they look so good on and together. I am very happy! Thanks for doing such an awesome job! Sara



I have received my new CZ plugs, and the cupcakes. So I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you made new plugs for me, and all the mix-ups I had, in getting my order in for the cupcakes, yet you were so kind, helpful and most patient with me. So thank You for that! And I wanted you to know, I REALLY LOVE THEM!! And I put them on right away! My CZs are in, and I am so happy! I have not taken them out yet to put in my cupcakes. I just keep admiring them in their little box! and showing everyone. One of my customers wants a custom pair now too! I thought maybe it would help sell some! So if or when they do I will be calling for sure! Hardly any companies will stand behind their products anymore, and I have been burned in this business more times than I can count. So it is very unexpected for you to be this kind, I am so grateful. I never got to enjoy these CZs before, and I am so glad I have them now. Linda



My names Rudy and I just wanted to thank you guys for making some really durable plugs. My girlfriend bought me some of your wooden inlay tunnels for my birthday last March and I lost one getting out of my car two nights ago. I thought I lost it at my girlfriends house but I found it this morning in the gutter. It survived me driving over it at least once, the mailman twice and whoever else may have parked along the street. On top of all that it also survived gutter water from sprinklers and a couple car washes. Its a little scuffed and has one small crack, but other than that it is still intact. Thanks again!



i stumbled across your site purely by chance. let me just say, WOW. i LOVE you plugs. i want them in just about every style you have! My ears arent big enough to accommodate most of the ones i really want yet so Im going have to hold off for now, but rest assured you will have my business when i get there! thanks for making such awesome products (and so customizable! omg!), abby



I just want to thank you so much for responding to my e-mail so quickly! you guys really are the shit and i want you to know that everything you put in to your work is greatly appreciated! keep it up.



I just received my zebrawood plugs... and they are AWESOME. You have been great to deal with, just wondering if there is someone I can email in regards to how great the customer service i received has been? I know that most people are usually inclined to only give feedback to a company when they are dissatisfied, I however believe in the opposite! You guys have been outstanding, the quality is amazing and I was just wondering If I could let the big boss man (so to speak) know? Thanks! Dave



Now thats what I call great customer service! I cant tell you how nice it feels to be approached in such a direct and personal manner! Not what you would expect from an online store, let alone a normal store. Thats why I love you guys even more than the last time I ordered and its why I will love Omerica as long as I live or as long as you guys are around. Its amazing to have such good personalized wooden adornments. They are absolutely unique, and they are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Theres no company like Omerica in the world. I will send in a picture soon, showing my satisfaction :) Thanks, Tom



Stumbling upon Omerica was a pure coincidence. It was during the time we had to pick a company for our business project. Being a business & management student, I was immediately impressed by this company. A business is not just about making a product with quality but also presenting it with quality - something Omerica does really well! The quality of information on the site and the creativity of the presentation mixed with the concern Omerica has for the customers and the environment was just amazing! Talking to Ryan about my project did not feel like I was talking to the boss, he has been very friendly and down to earth. It is clear to me that the company is made up of people who are eager and have a passion for what they do, and that is what makes them shine.



The plugs look amazing!!!! Thank you so much! We will definitely be buying plugs from you dudes again. :)



I just wanted to say thank you to Erin for a very courteous phone message letting me know that my order was slightly delayed. My plugs have arrived safely and it was not too much of a wait for a great product! Over all this was a great purchasing experience. Cheers, Dian



I just got my plugs and belt buckles in the mail on Saturday. They frickin rock! The craftsmanship is really unbelievable. Thank you to all who had a hand in the process, they were worth the wait. Daniel.



Just a quick note to say that my lovely new plugs arrived this morning. Really fast and really beautiful.



That is just fantastic. I do not know if you came across that e-mail I sent to the sales department yesterday, but I was delighted to once again be treated so perfectly treated by you guys. It is just amazing that you will cater to almost anyones needs. I already know how stoked my friend is going to be! On a regular basis he asks me to take out these Pink Ivory and Chechen regs I already bought and he will spend up to 10 minutes every time, carefully inspecting your craftsmanship :) He loves Omerica too, but he always fails to order as all his finances end up in his party department. And that is just another Dutch guy like me, you know. I think it is a very special thing that you guys are affecting us in a personal manner all the way from your cozy Denver workshop. Far out, man! :) Oh and a great thing was, I just wanted to go for those 2 pairs of Concave Suns, but after subtracting 20% with the weekends AWESOME coupon, I found myself just under $150 and free shipping. Adding the regs was the logical thing to do. So now I am getting him two pairs. I will definitely let you know how he likes them. Or even better, I will tell him to let you know. Tom



Wow guys. I just received my order. Once again I find myself speechless. My olive suns fit perfectly, and they have a wonderful streaky pattern. I cannot wait to give the bloodwood suns and chechen regs to my friend, but his birthday is not until Friday. Bloodwood looks amazing in reality, and the chechen in this pair is so much lighter that my own pair of chechen regs, but obviously still chechen, it is just amazing. Thanks you guys. It is just AMAZING what you do.Tom


I want to tell you that the work you did on the custom order of the dog tags and the birds of a feather pendant with all I asked for blew me out of the water and I just sat there looking at them for lord knows how long afraid to touch them. They are absolutely beautiful and very worth the wait for them to be done right per your own delays due to choices in the quality of the wood I asked for. i am still stunned at how beautiful they are. Thank you SO much. I can promise I will be giving you more custom orders as the time progresses cause your work has consistently been wonderful. Thanks again, Lori



Thanks again for yalls help. You provide unprecedented service that I have yet to seen matched anywhere on the net. -Kyle W.



Just wanted to let you guys know, its great what you've got going on here. You help people out very generously, and seem to have top of the line products. and the best part is your integrating ways to help the environment, like planting trees for every order, truly awesome. I havent bought anything from here (yet) cause i just stumbled upon the site today. Just wanted to show appreciation for your hard work mixed with ethical responsibility, you guys are really kickass, and i hope more business follow in your foot steps. a business strategy like this could be called a trajectory in that it is completely sustainable and supports itself and reinforces itself effectively and without much harm to the environment. Cause how is a business good for the people, if that business is ruining the earth in which they live in? all matter is recycled, im glad you understand that. keep up the good work and all that..-andrew



Hey Guys! I received the custom plugs I had made for a good friend of mine about a week ago. Absolutely fantastic work. The vera clovers really started to pop on the second day! I will keep it short and sweet, but I wanted to thank you guys for your incredible craftsmanship. I definitely look forward to getting some custom work for myself done in the near future. I also got one of the new shirts the other day as well and it looks great! Thanks, Benjamin



I love the work just bought my girlfriend a pair of the side hearts as a surprise, she told me not to cause they are expensive but they are so worth it. Great work and keep it up I support everything you guys do, love organic work, anything to do to be environmentally friendly is awesome. I was wondering if you guys have any hats for sale, or any stickers. Thanks again, Tyler. p.s. keep up the good work



I just got the zebra wood plugs I ordered and they are gorgeous! I was worried about getting them in time for Christmas but you guys are awesome and got them here quickly. Thank you so much, I cannot wait to give them to my boyfriend for Christmas! Thank you, Jenna



Got my plugs in right on time and they are fantastic as always. Thanks a ton and nice work being awesome ! :D Tyler



Just wanted to drop you a line saying how in love I am with what I unwrapped earlier tonight from under the tree. As always, I love your stuff and this box is the cherry on top of everything. Danica



Thanks again for your awesome customer service, it is certainly notable compared to everything else today. Definitely an example I will follow when I begin a business of my own. Sean


Your quality products are definitely worth the wait :) I will be sending business your way and buying more for myself when I can afford it. Matt



Just wanted to let you know that my grandson was very happy with the plugs I got him from you. Very Happy indeed. Thanks for the good communication, service, product, etc.



Thank you for your speedy response. I was unaware of your 4 day closure for the holidays, but am happy to hear that my order will be shipped soon. Thank you for the complimentary oil. Omerica has proven to be not only great for beautiful organic products but its first-rate customer service. Thanks again. Chris



I just received my plugs a few moments ago, and I wanted to thank you guys! They are very beautiful, and the wood makes them look shiny from far away! I love it! Thank you! I will definitely order from you again, and i will be sure to use them to drum up some business for you guys. :D Thank you again, -Andrew



My name is kevin, 18, Ojai, CA. Recently got my ears pierced at 14 and working my way down. I am into bones and rocks and anything organic really. My first bone was a baboon fang, weird eh? Anyways getting off topic, My problem was that i really didnt know what i wanted to do. Graduated high school in june, got a job at target and been at a standstill since then. I have followed your company and have been really inpressed. Target is too corporate. I know there has to be bussiness to make money but really, its soo cold and faceless to its employees. I am really interested in the green movement that is starting to hit our country and am really inspired your "Green" business model. I truly am. Its really inspiring as "green" businesses are really pioneering the way. I know it must be difficult going in that direction but I am sure its the overall feel good feeling you get from going this path, that makes it all worth while. I am really impressed and i think you have really shown me a career which combines my interests. I know this is not making a lot of sense and i apologize. Writing off the top of my head. Have not planned anything, im saying, out and it really shows. Sorry about that. Short and Sweet, i just want to thank you for showing me that work can be green and just a fun place to be. I think i know what i want to do now with my life and i am just giving you the credit for the inspiration. To everyone at Omerica thank you. Ending note: I just reread this and i sound like a complete geek. Please realize I am not this weird, i just was trying to spit out a thousand ideas in my head all at once into the email.



I felt I should write a note of thanks since we had a bit of conflict with my order. Even though I was disappointed that the plugs did not arrive by Christmas, I do understand why they did not, and I appreciate the gracious professional manner in which you handled my concerns. Once the plugs arrived my son, Jeremy, and I were extremely pleased with the workmanship. You did an excellent job, so I wanted you to know that we will re order from your company, and we have already, and will continue to recommend this site to others. Thanks again. Andrea



I just got my Solace pendant to say and I have to say I am absolutely blown away. The engraving is flawless and the grain of the cocobolo has me loving Gods green earth all the more! I am looking forward to displaying it and sending more people your way :]. Thanks again for all your help, Mike :]



hey! i just wanted to let you know that finding your site was a miracle to me! my boyfriend has wide lobes and its hard to find gauges that fit him right and its even harder to find a place that sells gauges with width variations. but not only is it wonderful that i found you i just wanted to also say that your site has inspired me to own up and get inch gauges myself because i want to wear your beautiful gauges. i am going to be purchasing from you guys often! thank you so much Angela



OO, I recently purchased a pair of wooden plugs from your store; this was during your "free pair" promotion. I wasn't expecting to get the free pair because of the specifics I had requested. Today when I received my package, to my surprise, I had both pairs of plugs. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is infallible. Thank you for keeping me happy.



im proudly rockin my new custom red dragons plug thanks to omerica! great job on the quality and craftsmanship i couldn't have asked for anything better. keep up the good work!



I received my custom android plugs in the mail on Thursday, they are absolutely PERFECT! Thank you so much for your beautiful work and awesome customer service, you have been a pleasure (again) to work with! I tell everyone about your company, I've even gotten my mother-in-law interested in your products as she just sent me an order confirmation for my birthday present! ;) Thanks again!



Hey Omerica, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received my plugs on Friday April 9/10 and they are awesome I couldn't have asked for anything better. I have to say that your customer service and the quality of your products is amazing and is something that all companies should strive to achieve. I am truly impressed that you exchanged my pervious plugs with no questions asked. I will be recommending your company to anyone looking for the types of products you offer. Anyway just wanted you to know how pleased I am and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.



I just wanted to take the time to say thanks again for showing us around. We all loved the place, and our dog tags showed up right on time; our ladies were all very happy. =] I hope things are well in your neck of the woods, and I look forward to stopping by again soon. Please take care!



Thank you so much for the excellent customer service. You at omerica are fantastic! I am so amazed and thrilled about your products that I went ahead and ordered some of your jojoba oil to maintain the beauty of the woods, and a pair of 0 g Eastwoods in vera wood. You guys are truly the best in in organic jewelry I have yet to find. Take care and have a marvelous day:-)



Just received my plugs...and they are truly awesome!!Thanks a lot, keep working that way, with respect for the environment as well of your customer. Best regards.



I received my very first Omerica order a couple of weeks ago and I love my plugs. I also love that you offer free shipping for overseas orders over a certain $ amount. Considering that I normally pay for what amounts to an extra pair of plugs in postage on most purchases, it's so nice to actually get something for that money. So thank you! A happy repeat customer is me. :)



Hey Guys!! I just received my buckle with bike and dog tags, (One with ''bike more'' and a double with'' for gerard, 22years old, we love you bro'' true my friends, they bought it for me for my bday! i absolutely love them! i already have 10 sets of plugs of yours. I hope you guys will open something in Holland.... cheers, and lots of love! regards, Gerard KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK weeks with a conformation from fedex and I had to pay nothing. I am continually impressed by the quality of your products and the exceptional service you provide your customers, I have said this before and I will say it's again I will be a customer for life. Thanks again for all your hard work.



Hey Omerica, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I received my buckle and plugs. The buckle (birds of a feather style) is amazing and the belt fits great. I wish the buckle was just a bit bigger but that is just nit picking, the product is top notch. As for the Day of the Dead plugs they are absolutely incredible, the sizing is perfect and skull is even more visible than I was expecting. Thank you for everything keep up the good work. - Jacob P.S. Here is a special thanks to Ashley for all her help in the customer service area. (you are awesome;)



I'm sure you guys get this a lot but o had to let you know, I love adornments and have a collection somewheres around 5k, and the Vera wood regs I just recorded from you guys are hands down the cleanest smoothest and most beautiful standard wood plugs I've ever seen



Just wanted to say I was very impressed with the speed of the shipping and your product is amazing! I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again! You rock!