Our Commitment...

We are committed to environmental sustainability and doing our part to reduce our impact on the planet. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to be good stewards of the environment, and we are taking steps to make our operations more sustainable.

Top view of forest trees.
Baby pine tree.
Planting baby trees in forest floor.


We donate to the Nature Conservancy Tree Planting Program. This helps to offset our carbon emissions and improve the environment. FACT: We generally can make over a 100 products from only one tree. We are happy to have planted over 10,500+ trees through our tree program and another 4,681 from special events we Co produced, thats over 15,000 trees and counting.

  • Wind turbine with clouds and trees in background.

    Wind Power

    For over 12 years we've purchased 100% wind energy from Xcel Energy's Wind sourced Program to power our workshop. We strive to run our shop as efficiently as possible, and make every attempt to limit our energy use.

  • Recycle dumpster covered in graffiti.

    Reduse, Reuse, Recycle

    As a business and we're always mindful of our carbon and waste footprint. We have implemented a number of strategies to minimize our waste and we encourage others to to do the same!

    • Utilize recycled & recyclable packaging.
    • Purchase items for our shop second (or third) hand when available.
    • Reuse all of our wood scraps
    • Recycle all things recyclable.
    • Eliminated paper towels for drying our hands
    • Use paper products made from recycled material.
    • We've upgraded our shop lighting to increase efficiency by 60%.

    We're always looking for ways to do more!

  • Stack of wood logs.

    Wood Sourcing

    Omerica purchases all its wood in an ethical manner, from trusted suppliers right here in the USA. Most of our wood comes from forests that are managed in a way that protects the environment and the wildlife that lives there.