Custom made Shark themed wood belt buckle and ear gauges.

Steps for Custom

1.Read and accept the Terms & Conditions for custom products

2. Create a high quality black/white image of your design. (.jpg/.ai/.png) 

3. Email us your image & plug details.

4. Sit back and wait for our follow up email. Generally within 2-6 business days

*Your design should be as clear as possible. Your image quality dictates the etching quality.

*Black areas of the image will be etched, white areas represent the negative space and will not be etched.


Although we are very good at what we do, not every custom request we get will be possible or advisable.

A saying we use is:
"We could engrave the Eiffel Tower on an 8 gauge plug, but it's going to look like a dot" Meaning, we're not in the business of making a quick buck by selling you something that won't look good, won't meet your expectations, or won't meet our quality standards. Some things are out of our control, such as etch-able space on a certain size etc. Remember that we will always do our best to work with you to make you what you want, and make it to our standards, but sometimes that might mean a little variation from your original idea.