Ear Gauge and Plug Sizes

Ear gauges, also known as plugs, are a popular body modification that involves stretching the earlobes to wear larger jewelry. Wood gauges should only be worn in fully healed ear lobes and should not be used for stretching.

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Ear Plug and Gauge Size Chart.

Ear Gauge Size Chart

This table will help you visualize the conversion between gauge sizes, millimeters, and inches.

  • Standard ear piercings are usually pierced at 20g or 18g (approx. 1mm).

  • Gauge sizes go up in even numbers from there (16g, 14g, 12g, 10g, etc.).

  • After 00g (which is 9.2mm), sizes are referred to in millimeters (mm) or fractions of an inch.

*The measurement system dominantly used in the body modification industry for ear gauge sizing actually comes from the American Wire Gauge (AWG), created in 1857 by Joseph Brown and Lucius Sharp.

How to measure your Ear Gauge Size

If you're measuring your jewelry, be sure to measure the diameter on the wearable part of the jewelry, not the flare on the end.

  • Using calipers: This is the most accurate way to measure your gauge. Calipers are a tool with two adjustable prongs that can measure the thickness of an object. You can find calipers at most hardware stores or online. To measure your ear gauge, simply open the calipers wide enough to fit your jewelry through, then close them until the jewelry is snug but not compressed. The measurement on the calipers will be your gauge size.

  • Using a gauge wheel: Gauge wheels are small discs with holes of different sizes that correspond to different gauge sizes. You can find gauge wheels online or at some piercing shops. To use a gauge wheel, simply slide your jewelry through the holes until you find a hole that fits snugly. The size printed next to that hole will be your gauge size.

It's important to use the correct size jewelry for your earlobes. If your jewelry is too small, it can irritate your piercings. If your jewelry is too big, it can tear your piercings. If you're not comfortable measuring your ear gauge size yourself, you can always go to a professional piercer or send a pair to us and we'll measure them for you.

Plug Wearing Styles

  • Ear gauge double flare wearing style.

    Double Flare

    Double flare style has two smooth flares, one on each side. Flares are larger than the wearing size, so keep that in mind when ordering them. *most popular*

  • Ear gauge flat flare wearing style.

    Flat Flare

    This style has flat flare on each side and has a flat wearing surface. This style is great for stretchy lobes that require larger flares.

  • Ear gauge single flare wearing style.

    Single Flare

    This style has a smooth flare on one side and an o-ring on other side. All plugs that require o-ring, have a groove cut in them to fit the o-ring nice and snug.

  • Ear gauge top hat wearing style.

    Top Hat

    This style has a flat flare on one side with an o-ring on other side. Looks like a top hat! All plugs that require o-rings have a groove cut in them to fit the o-ring nice and snug.

  • Ear gauge double o-ring wearing style.

    Double O-ring

    This style has o-ring on both the sides. All plugs that require o-rings have a goove cut in them to fit the o-ring nice and snug.

  • Ear gauge no flare wearing style.

    No Flare

    This style has absolutely no flares. It is totaly flat and is not intended for anyone that is prone to having their plugs fall out of their ears.

Plug Wearing Lengths

  • Extra Skinny

    In-between Flares: 5mm

    ----- Overall Length -----

    Double & Flat Flare: 11mm

    Single Flare: 13.5mm

    Top Hat: 11.5mm

    Double O-ring: 13mm

    No Flare: 10.5mm

  • Skinny

    In-between Flares: 6mm

    ----- Overall Length -----

    Double & Flat Flare: 12mm

    Single Flare: 14.5mm

    Top Hat: 12.5mm

    Double O-ring: 14mm

    No Flare: 11.5mm

  • Average

    In-between Flares: 7mm

    ----- Overall Length -----

    Double & Flat Flare: 13mm

    Single Flare: 15.5mm

    Top Hat: 13.5mm

    Double O-ring: 15mm

    No Flare: 12.5mm

  • Thicker

    In-between Flares: 8mm

    ----- Overall Length -----

    Double & Flat Flare: 14mm

    Single Flare: 16.5mm

    Top Hat: 14.5mm

    Double O-ring: 16mm

    No Flare: 13.5mm

  • Big Lobes

    In-between Flares: 9mm

    ----- Overall Length -----

    Double & Flat Flare: 15mm

    Single Flare: 17.5mm

    Top Hat: 15.5mm

    Double O-ring: 17mm

    No Flare: 14.5mm

  • Custom

    We make everything to order, so let us know if you have a custom sizing request...