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My new plugs are great, I get compliments on them all the time. I have told all my other organic plug enthusiasts friends about your great work. I am planning on ordering a new pair sometime next month. I am going bigger in gauges just so it is easier to tell all the cool abstract shit that is in each plug. Keep up the great work.

Thank you. The plugs are beautiful and the t- and plugs are getting good ware. Take it easy, Jason Klein

Thank you so much for helping me with this shitty situation. It is not every day that you deal with people who are genuinely willing to help you out and not bullshit you. If there is any customer service thing I can fill out to say thanks I would be down. Thanks a lot -Anthony S.

You make ordering on your sight so simple. Plus it is done so well I am confident about their outcome. Unlike other places where I have bought natural plugs before. I cannot wait to get them. Annie

Thanks for the personal reply, because you and the company deal with people directly not an automated email, I decided that i should buy my first set of plugs ever from "real" people. I ordered 1 set of 6ga, and i set of 4 ga. my goal is 2 ga. so I can order your custom inlay plugs. I also ordered the oil you recommend on the site. If you are not the owner please forward this to him so he/she will know that ALOT of people like emailing and talking to people! Not machines!

I made an order tonight and I would like to say that you guys have it goin on down there I like your purchase and plug building set up its fast an easy. Keep up the sweet art work. Dustin

I just received them in the mail today and as always I am very impressed. I really like the work you do down there and I am happy to add these new pairs to my collection. I may also have some custom work in mind.

I got my plugs today and they are FANTASIC!!! Keep up the great work! This is my 4th pair!! -Kaitlyn

I would like to say that you all make; hands down; the best plugs for the price of anyone out there. I purchased a set of 4 gauge plugs and they were the most comfortable things ever. Now that I have reached my intended size I just had to get some more. Thanks again for taking such great care in your product, the earth, and its resources. There should be more companies with the "green" mentality out there. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend and I cannot wait to see my new plugs!! Bryan

This is my second purchase from you. My first purchase was a pair of 5/8 plugs in the same style. I love them but with time my ears stretched so I am buying this new pair, a bit bigger. They never faded; they still look like the day I bought them. I have the jojoba oil to put on them which kept them from drying out. I know I will love my new pair just the same. You have the best quality plugs. I will not buy them from anyone else. Thank You, Linda

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