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Hey thanks a lot for the reply and all the Info!! Yet another reason I will never wear anything but your plugs!! Much Love

Just received my t-shirt today, and just wanted to drop you a line telling you how much I love this shirt. I've always been a fan of t's made of recycled plastic, and this is one of the softest I own. I think that this will be my new favorite shirt! Sincerely, Royse

Got the tag! It looks really great! My husband loved it! Thanks for all the great service, folks!! Christie

Hey, just got my order through and wanted to say they're fantastic, and look awesome! Very pleased. Will be buying from you guys in future, and will recommend most highly. Thanks again!

Hi ! :) Thank you!! You guys are awesome!!!! Good people, good work... I love your jewelry and the communication you have with your costumers... Awesomeness pur !! - Nuni -

Hi I just wanted to thank you. My plugs arrived today. They look great and I will definitely recommend you. Look forward to purchasing more off you in the near future. Thank you again. Drew

Just received my umbrella and rain cloud plugs in the mail. They are fantastic! Thank you for providing such a quality product--keep up the great work!

That's awesome news! :) I'll be ordering them on the 13th, I just wanted to make sure to get this all out of the way incase it took longer than it has. Which I've got to say that this is the first company I've had a good experience with when it comes to customer service. So thank you! Jess.

i had just ordered a pair of 1 1/2" verawood mayan tunnels this past week. I read that they wont's ship till 5-10 days after i ordered. so i'm not expecting my tunnels to ship till some time this coming week. so what was in my mailbox the other day when i came home from work? my new tunnels !!! what a nice surprise after a long day. i love my new tunnels as well. nice quality product, very comfortable to wear, good price, and they look great. i couldn't be happier. thanks everyone, and keep up the great work!!

Hi, Thank you! What a very cool news :). You're nice. Actually, you're regrouping (the Omerica group and the stuff), the exact cool mind that everybody researched for a long time. I'm not trying to say 'god bless omerica' and tattoo myself like a "geek" cause the concept is awesome; but i mean that it's really peacefull to find somewhere (of course not in France, it's always the same thing.), a shop where stuff and people, think and makes products in agreement with a coolest and peacefull mind. Not commercial shop to only get money some more and more and don't try to really understund or be cool with everyone. I'm working on wood too and i worked on differents job, i guess that's why your product interessed me so much. I'm not telling that cause you offered me a large gift box you know, it's a question of mind and reactions. And for the moment, i love yours. Well i needed to say it with my very Frenchy'words. That's it. Thanks, i can't wait my order :) patience & cool mind.

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