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Hello I received my octopus plugs yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with them they look great Thanks, Charlie

You guys rule. Couldnt be more stoked to be continuing to do business with you!

Hello good people of Omerica!, First time purchaser sending out the love to your team! enjoying my plugs and am extremely happy about your eco- conscious decisions. got my holes back in '06 and gave up before I hit 4g. recently fell upon your site and was drawn to a purchase because of the earth love you portray, as an environmentalist myself I like to see it around. till I stretch again, all the best and safe travels my friends. wax worm.

I couldn't say thank you enough. You guys are great! :) I'll be sure to make my order sometime next week. I'm so excited to get these plugs. Thanks, John.

Received my order (Friday). Thanks for the super quick turnout and shipping on this order. These are my first double flare plugs! Also, first sparkley wood ones. Boss is happy w/ solid plugs. Employee (me) is happy I can still wear them! They actually banned them at these set of hospitals because of ONE employee who wore huge clear glass eyelets, rather than putting in a stipulation that you need to wear solid plugs. Generally they make employees remove them, but that actually caused more issues than letting the employees keep wearing them. *insert rolling eyes* Oh how I forgot what's it like in my conservative home state. As usual you guys rock, and I really appreciate it! Daun

Hi, I Just wanted to thank everyone at Omerica (especially Alejandra) for going out of your way and making me a pair of the scary face Jack-O-Lanterns! they are even better in the flesh (pun intended), and the 00 nocturnal decays i ordered for my girl made her so happy she started to cry. we will have to take a spooky halloween pic of us both rocking our new Plugs! thanks for taking such amazing care of your customers and for making my favorite holiday a little spookier! Tristan

I would like to thank you and the ENTIRE staff at Omerica Organic SO much for providing environmentally conscious people like my girlfriend and I (and of course all the others as well!) with organic, fair trade jewelry that totally and completely surpasses ANY and ALL other companies out there making their "organic" jewelry. So I feel obliged to let you guys know just how much I LOVE your products. The first pair of plugs I bought from you guys back in I believe 2004 or 2005, I called to place my order and from what I remember I think it was a cell phone line that was being used when I placed my order. So to see the success of your company grow and progress SO tremendously over the years has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE!

Ahhh I got those plugs in! They look absolutely amazing! Truly a work of art, really. They're beautiful! Thank you all for your great work!!! Definitely will be buying more!!

Hi there, I just wanted to let you guys know I received my first order of plugs from you recently (Chechen music lovers, apricot missing piece and wild olive argyle) and am totally impressed with them. The quality of both the material and the designs/etching is just awesome. Also, the actual sale couldn't be flawed. I was kept up to date with where they were at at all times postage wise too. Just really very impressed alround. These were well worth the money spent. I will be back. Regards, Tim

Thank you for your follow-up of this morning's conversation! It's nice to know that I'm more than just a number :] I have purchased three pairs of plugs from your company over the years, and not only is the craftsmanship of your products impeccable, your promptness in response and genuine desire to make sure your customers are satisfied is unparalleled in any company of any type I have ever dealt with. Precisely the reason I try to always buy local/ from smaller companies. Please pass this along to your company head (and ALL those in between that facilitate in the process of creating such stellar products:]) as a sincere thank you for all that you do for our generation and sub-culture. Kudos Omerica, I can't wait to order again! xo Carm

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