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im proudly rockin my new custom red dragons plug thanks to omerica! great job on the quality and craftsmanship i couldnt have asked for anything better. keep up the good work!

OO, I recently purchased a pair of wooden plugs from your store; this was during your "free pair" promotion. I wasn't expecting to get the free pair because of the specifics I had requested. Today when I received my package, to my surprise, I had both pairs of plugs. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is infallible. Thank you for keeping me happy.

hey! i just wanted to let you know that finding your site was a miracle to me! my boyfriend has wide lobes and its hard to find gauges that fit him right and its even harder to find a place that sells gauges with width variations. but not only is it wonderful that i found you i just wanted to also say that your site has inspired me to own up and get inch gauges myself because i want to wear your beautiful gauges. i am going to be purchasing from you guys often! thank you so much angela

Hi Ashley, I just got my Solace pendant to say and I have to say I am absolutely blown away. The engraving is flawless and the grain of the cocobolo has me loving Gods green earth all the more! I am looking forward to displaying it and sending more people your way :]. Thanks again for all your help, Mike :]

To the Omerica Crew:

I felt I should write a note of thanks since we had a bit of conflict with my order. Even though I was disappointed that the plugs did not arrive by Christmas, I do understand why they did not, and I appreciate the gracious professional manner in which you handled my concerns.

Once the plugs arrived my son, Jeremy, and I were extremely pleased with the workmanship. You did an excellent job, so I wanted you to know that we will re order from your company, and we have already, and will continue to recommend this site to others.

Thanks again. Andrea Hays

First off let me intro my self

My name is kevin, 18, Ojai, CA. Recently got my ears pierced at 14 and working my way down. I am into bones and rocks and anything organic really. My first bone was a baboon fang, weird eh? Anyways getting off topic, My problem was that i really didnt know what i wanted to do. Graduated high school in june, got a job at target and been at a standstill since then. I have followed your company and have been really inpressed. Target is too corporate. I know there has to be bussiness to make money but really, its soo cold and faceless to its employees. I am really interested in the green movement that is starting to hit our country and am really inspired your "Green" business model. I truly am. Its really inspiring as "green" businesses are really pioneering the way. I know it must be difficult going in that direction but I am sure its the overall feel good feeling you get from going this path, that makes it all worth while. I am really impressed and i think you have really shown me a career which combines my interests. I know this is not making a lot of sense and i apologize. Writing off the top of my head. Have not planned anything, im saying, out and it really shows. Sorry about that. Short and Sweet, i just want to thank you for showing me that work can be green and just a fun place to be. I think i know what i want to do now with my life and i am just giving you the credit for the inspiration. To everyone at Omerica thank you.

Ending note: I just reread this and i sound like a complete geek. Please realize I am not this weird, i just was trying to spit out a thousand ideas in my head all at once into the email.

I just received my plugs a few moments ago, and I wanted to thank you guys! They are very beautiful, and the wood makes them look shiny from far away! I love it! Thank you! I will definitely order from you again, and i will be sure to use them to drum up some business for you guys. :D

Thank you again, -Andrew Berman


Thank you for your speedy response. I was unaware of your 4 day closure for the holidays, but am happy to hear that my order will be shipped soon. Thank you for the complimentary oil. Omerica has proven to be not only great for beautiful organic products but its first-rate customer service. Thanks again.

Chris Cunningham


Just wanted to let you know that my grandson was very happy with the plugs I got him from you. Very Happy indeed. Thanks for the good communication, service, product, etc.

Blessings for the new year

Barb Chichester

Your quality products are definitely worth the wait :) I will be sending business your way and buying more for myself when I can afford it.


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