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Wow guys. I just received my order. Once again I find myself speechless. My olive suns fit perfectly, and they have a wonderful streaky pattern. I cannot wait to give the bloodwood suns and chechen regs to my friend, but his birthday is not until Friday. Bloodwood looks amazing in reality, and the chechen in this pair is so much lighter that my own pair of chechen regs, but obviously still chechen, it is just amazing. Thanks you guys. It is just AMAZING what you do.

Have a great week, Tom

Thanks Erin,

That is just fantastic. I do not know if you came across that e-mail I sent to the sales department yesterday, but I was delighted to once again be treated so perfectly treated by you guys. It is just amazing that you will cater to almost anyones needs. I already know how stoked my friend is going to be! On a regular basis he asks me to take out these Pink Ivory and Chechen regs I already bought and he will spend up to 10 minutes every time, carefully inspecting your craftsmanship :) He loves Omerica too, but he always fails to order as all his finances end up in his party department. And that is just another Dutch guy like me, you know. I think it is a very special thing that you guys are affecting us in a personal manner all the way from your cozy Denver workshop. Far out, man! :)

Oh and a great thing was, I just wanted to go for those 2 pairs of Concave Suns, but after substracting 20% with the weekends AWESOME coupon, I found myself just under $150 and free shipping. Adding the regs was the logical thing to do. So now I am getting him two pairs. I will definitely let you know how he likes them. Or even better, I will tell him to let you know.

Have a great weekend too! Tom


Just a quick note to say that my lovely new plugs arrived this morning. Really fast and really beautiful.

Many thanks


Vicky x


I just got my plugs and belt buckles in the mail on Saturday.

They frickin rock!

The craftsmanship is really unbelievable.

Thank you to all who had a hand in the process, they were worth the wait.

Have a great day!

Daniel Hoig

Hi Omerica Organic,

I just wanted to say thank you to Erin for a very courteous phone message letting me know that my order was slightly delayed. My plugs have arrived safely and it was not too much of a wait for a great product! Over all this was a great purchasing experience.

Cheers, Dian Thibert

The plugs look amazing!!!! Thank you so much! We will definitely be buying plugs from you dudes again. :)


Stumbling upon Omerica was a pure coincedence. It was during the time we had to pick a company for our business project. Being a business & management student, I was immediately impressed by this company. A business is not just about making a product with quality but also presenting it with quality - something Omerica does really well! The quality of information on the site and the creativity of the presentation mixed with the concern Omerica has for the customers and the enviornment was just amazing! Talking to Ryan about my project did not feel like I was talking to the boss, he has been very friendly and down to earth. It is clear to me that the company is made up of people who are eager and have a passion for what they do, and that is what makes them shine.

Hi Erin,

Now thats what I call great customer service! I cant tell you how nice it feels to be approached in such a direct and personal manner! Not what you would expect from an online store, let alone a normal store. Thats why I love you guys even more than the last time I ordered and its why I will love Omerica as long as I live or as long as you guys are around. Its amazing to have such good personalized wooden adornments. They are absolutely unique, and they are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Theres no company like Omerica in the world. I will send in a picture soon, showing my satisfaction :) Thanks,



Just wanted to say the current layout [as of 6-27-09] is amazing. It is very simple to navigate the site and I have been a customer for about three years now and I have seen the site through many changes and this is the best yet! Great job and thank you for being the amazing company you are!

Respectfully, Christopher

I just received the caterpillar pendant, and I love it. My mom was so excited and loved it all the more because of the personal touch of being involved with the design process. I just wanted to thank you again for your personal and very prompt service. Oh and also, the alligator plugs are stunning and perfectly match the alligator tattoo on my shoulder. Love the whole lot, and I love what your company does. Thank you so much.

-Anna Propas

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