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Hello –

I would like to say I have not seen any other website that has made me feel important when ordering anything [still have not...someday] I happened to be looking around for something that might help me start making my own plugs [since money is tight right now] and I came across Omerica. I am happy I did though.

A happy new fan/soon to be customer,


Oxnard California

Hey gang!

I am the dude you made the Phillies plugs for and I wanted to thank you personally. When I told my dad the idea (they were a Christmas gift), I did not think you would actually make them. He said he contacted you and you even went so far as to fix the poor wood combination I chose.

When I opened the box I was stunned. They are beautiful. Perfect execution and color choice. I do not know if they are one of a kind, or if you have made others like them, but I wanted to do a photo shoot so you guys could have a good picture of them as a thank you.

Well that is all, except for thank you again!

Your friend,

Dustin Samples Newark, DE

P.S. – I have been wanting the argyles and got a pair of them too! They are sick!

Dear Omerica Organic,

I must say...wow! I had bought several pairs of plugs back in 2005-2006 from you and was highly satisfied with the products I received. A few of the plugs I had ordered were tigers eye inlays in gaboon ebony double flares, mother of pearl on gaboon ebony tophats, and bloodwood inlays in gaboon ebony double flares. Looking at your website for the first time in two years, I am glad to know I invested my money in your business. Looks like production has come a long way since I was first introduced to your company by a local piercer in Raleigh, NC. Since the time I had ordered plugs from you, I have told many people of your services and have directed them towards your website. I just wanted to offer my thanks for the superb products that I had purchased years ago. I am also eager to do business with your company in the near future.

Thanks for your services, Will Connelly

I just want to write in appreciation for you people and just how amazingly awesome you guys are and your excellent work ethic and the inspiration that it sends my way.

I have just discovered you earlier this day and am already a return client that will be buying for years. And I would also like to thank you for the encouragement to take on the big box stores of our day and follow your dreams. You will soon be seeing me in the store to shake the hands of people who I call heros.

Keep up the awesome wood carving.

Thanks again. -Blue Weber

Hey Omerica!

I was just browsing trough the web. So I came to your page, where I wasn´t in ages! My name is Sebastian by the way. I am from Germany as well as from the beautifull island of Trinidad & Tobago where I spent a lot of time. I bought a pair of plugs from you looong time. So I was suprised to see the new Homepage and all these new products.

I just wanted to tell you that I find you making a real good job. I am glad buisness is running for you guys and you even have time and possibilitys to work on wind energy!

I am glad that there are still small (or semi small) companys out there, ran by young people. I wanna start a buisness on my own as well, maybe next year. Not too sure yet what exactly. But your story gave me relief in my worries.

Well, thats it basicly! I gonna order some stuff soon, some plugs and a buckle.

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how i appreaciate your effort to make a difference in modern economy and craftmanship.



Hey Erin, thanks again for getting back to me so quickly, and for the understanding.

I have a background in carpentry, and a love for woodcraft, and your plugs are definitely the best I have ever seen. I look forward to doing business with you all again in the future, especially now that I know that your customer support is such a high priority for you.



To all you guys(and gals) over there! I could not be happier with how they turned out! They are so fantastic, I could not wait till x-mas to give them to him. He loves em! They are absolutely perfect. Thanks again for all the hard work out of your team. Have a great holiday season. : )

-Cass (and Jim)

Hey guys

So i just got my first plugs from you guys. All i have to say is they are amazing! I dont think i could ask for a better pair of plugs. I cant wait to work with your guys again. oh and i will be sending you some pictures of me wearing them.


Good people:

I just received my order from you and I am blown away. For custom made plugs, the delivery time was amazing. The workmanship is absolutely stunning. I am not just satisfied, or even happy, I am totally excited and stoked out of my mind by your plugs. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I can not wait to design another pair.

Be well, Birdy


Omerica makes the finest jewelry I have worn. I have dealt with everybody, trust me, and hands down, you guys are the best. Quality, craftsmanship, detail and even fast delivery...you got it all.

I found you guys through a local tattoo shop here in Pennsylvania. They recommended you and I never really looked back. I started out with regular piercings when I was 10! A year and a half ago I started stretching because I was just always fond of it. Now I am 27 and I went from nothing to a 1 inch stretch and I am so happy about it.

I usually get a few stares and when people ask, I always tell them about you. How your facility is running on wind energy, everything is handmade and custom built to order and I even told the guys I work with that you will plant a tree for every set you sell. I could not be happier and feel like I am giving back a little to the environment. I checked out the shirts, and I think I will take a gray medium if ya got it. Now that I am stopping at 1 inch, I am gonna buy more so I have an array of cool wood plugs. Maybe down the road I can have you guys custom make me a set with a jigsaw puzzle piece inlay on each one or a carving of a puzzle piece. Always thought that was a cool idea. Anyway, I am rambling. Thanks so much for everything and for the shirt and remember, your company means a lot to a lot of people I am sure. And I am one of them.

Sincerely, Steve Uhlman

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