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Holy hell! 20 minutes and I feel like someone made love to my ears!!! FUCKING TIGHT!!! THANK YOU!!! I will be buying again sooner than I know it!


Mike D.

Hey guys!

I was in your shop on Fri. Sept. 28th with my mom and Zoe was absolutely awesome! He showed us around the shop and was very friendly. I want to order some pieces but I will have to get back to Florida before I can do that. I would like to promote Omerica Organic!!! If I give you my address would you please send some business cards so I can pass them around?

Thank you soo much for being great!

Sara Anderson

Thanks again!

They are gorgeous. As soon as the coupon comes I will be ordering another pair or two... thanks!

Michael K.

Thank you for your super fast response!! Wow!

I actually just received a pair of 13/16" plugs that I won on eBay from you, they are the MOST beautiful plugs I have ever seen! (They have an inlay AND a side star!!)

Thanks again for the great service. Talk to you soon!!

J. Caoilfhionn

Wow, thank you!

I am very pleased with the plugs I received. Lots of people have asked me where I found them, and I let them know about your website.

Kellee M.


I just wanted to thank you guys i think that you guys are all awesome!


Hey guys,

I love what I see on your site, really helpful with the FAQs and I had a ton of fun with the interactive builder, I loved the custom center star ones in your picture gallery.

Matt F.


They are absolutely phenominal. I am incredibly stoked that you guys managed the Gaboon Ebony inlays. They definitely were worth any wait that may have followed after this day. Absolutely awesome.

I will be sending you guys in a picture of them in when I get my new camera body and lens. You all have yet to disappoint. Thanks for the excellent work and support.

Make sure to take care.

-Travis H.


My plugs are awesome! The craftsmanship is incredible. Thanks for the prompt service. I am definitely a life-time customer of your product.

Paul Alva


I am pretty poor but your website was so well done, convincing, and easy to use, and this is such an awesome idea that I could not resist investing in some good plugs. That design interface is awesome, good going. I am so excited to get my new jewelry! Thanks so much. If I ever get another pair, I am definitely doing some birds.

Yeah. Awesome.

Melissa G.

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