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Hi Erin,

I just received my zebrawood plugs... and they are AWESOME. You have been great to deal with, just wondering if there is someone I can email in regards to how great the customer service i received has been? I know that most people are usually inclined to only give feedback to a company when they are dissatisfied, I however believe in the opposite! You guys have been outstanding, the quality is amazing and I was just wondering If I could let the big boss man (so to speak) know?

Thanks! Dave


I just want to thank you so much for responding to my e-mail so quickly! you guys really are the shit and i want you to know that everything you put in to your work is greatly appreciated! keep it up.


i stumbled across your site purely by chance. let me just say, WOW. i LOVE you plugs. i want them in just about every style you have! My ears arent big enough to accommodate most of the ones i really want yet so Im going have to hold off for now, but rest assured you will have my business when i get there! thanks for making such awesome products (and so customizable! omg!),



My names Rudy and I just wanted to thank you guys for making some really durable plugs. My girlfriend bought me some of your wooden inlay tunnels for my birthday last March and I lost one getting out of my car two nights ago. I thought I lost it at my girlfriends house but I found it this morning in the gutter. It survived me driving over it at least once, the mailman twice and whoever else may have parked along the street. On top of all that it also survived gutter water from sprinklers and a couple car washes. Its a little scuffed and has one small crack, but other than that it is still intact.

Thanks again!

I have received my new CZ plugs, and the cupcakes. So I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate that you made new plugs for me, and all the mix-ups I had, in getting my order in for the cupcakes, yet you were so kind, helpful and most patient with me. So thank You for that! And I wanted you to know, I REALLY LOVE THEM!! And I put them on right away! My CZs are in, and I am so happy! I have not taken them out yet to put in my cupcakes. I just keep admiring them in their little box! and showing everyone. One of my customers wants a custom pair now too! I thought maybe it would help sell some! So if or when they do I will be calling for sure!

Hardly any companies will stand behind their products anymore, and I have been burned in this business more times than I can count. So it is very unexpected for you to be this kind, I am so grateful. I never got to enjoy these CZs before, and I am so glad I have them now.



I just wanted to say thanks. I received my order today. You guys called me to tell me it was shipped. That was so awesome. When it comes to customer service, I say you win. I love love love all of my jewelry. I ordered it for my wedding at the end of this month. My wedding band is titanium with olive inset into it so I ordered the CZ plugs, 1Z pendant, and olive wood bangle from you guys to match the ring. And they look so good on and together. I am very happy! Thanks for doing such an awesome job!



Thats an awesome and unexpected suprise! Such an altruistic gesture means so much-not to mention the awesome plugs. Its really cool of you guys to be supportive of your peeps in these trying times. I told a couple people about it and they couldnt believe it. My one buddy told me it made him want to order something because of your magnanimous attitude towards your customers. Again i cant say what it means. Imma hype up your myspace once i get online too... You guys rock. Thank you so much again,

Nick (from crappy michigan)

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been buying plugs from you guys for a while now. I wear your jewelry exclusively because not just the quality of work is amazing but more importantly your customer service is THE BEST. Period. The reason I am writing this though is to say that the new website and designs you are producing are the best in the business. I really hope you continue to expand your product line and are successful with it. I remember seeing some side star in a Hot Topic about a year after I had purchased mine and laughed and was excited that you guys had exposure like that and wish they would have kept them.(Although I still would have gone through you directly I am not a fan of hot topic) In any case I just ordered a new pair of Owl engraved plugs and actually called to change the wood type and had got the discount email after I made my purchase (thats how fast I ordered once I got the first email) as usual you guys helped me out. The last time I ordered the original plaids and you guys actually had to change the design and compensated me very well for the extra time and not being able to get the exact plaids. (Thank you again of course) You guys should be the model for the industry, and this is not a kiss a$$ email. I am and always have been pleased with you guys since the original black background website with only a few designs. Please include more business cards with my order if possible I have run out a while back. By the way I believe I spoke with Michelle this time please thank her I think the Vera wood was a much better choice for me and will look much better compared to the olive.


You guys are the sh*t. Omerica is the only place I can get custom fit plugs, and more natural wood accessories!(the belt buckles are sick!), and you are always hookin us up with these discount periods. And right in time for my birthday!!(4-20). Thanks for being f*cking bad ass!

Cody Eggert

Hey i just got the custom plugs i ordered from you guys today. The design i thought would be tough to get on such a small gauge but you guys pulled it off perfectly, could not be more satisified with your work on this one. Thanks so much for your support and for the extensive quality, effort, and time you put into them. Expect me to claim my discount code and be back for more from you guys!


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