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I just received my Pink Ivory Lotus Plugs on Friday and I am just blown away they are unbelievable. The sizing is perfect as always the finish is so smooth they feel almost like glass. The carving pops so nicely on the Pink Ivory and the onyx stone finishes the whole plug off just perfectly. I wore them right away and got tons of compliments. I am considering getting this style in the orange as well I like it so much. Thank you so much for creating this style, definitely one of my favorites keep up the good work.

Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome! Finally plugs with an octopus on it! WOOO! I'm purchasing mine next week! Can't wait!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I want to thank the crew for such a fast delivery. They look great and feel awesome! I'm actually amazed that they arrived today since I was expecting them around Tuesday. Now I have some great plugs to show off to thanksgiving that look much better than tunnels! =D I've already told my friends how cool your products are. You guys have phenomenal customer service also!

Hello Omerica! I'm a born and bred western Colorado guy, who's been in love with your products ever since I first discovered them at APEX tattoo in Grand Junction, years ago. Now I live in Austin, TX, and I still buy your products, and pass your info along to everyone I know that I think would also enjoy your craftsmanship. I get compliments all the time on my collection of Omerica plugs. I think I've successfully created a small Omerica cult within my close friends and family. I (we) also are continually impressed by the ecologically conscious way that you run your business. It's very encouraging to know that there are people like you in the world. We've noticed that you've been streamlining your product selections, and lowering your prices across the board, and have realized that this economy is probably unkind to craftsman in small niches like yours, and also who offset their resource consumption at a financial cost to themselves. The point of this whole rant, is to say that there are people far away who know your company and support he way you conduct business as well as the high quality, beautiful products you produce. Please keep up the great work!

Hey All, Just wanted to send a quick "thank you" for being SUPER awesome. I love the quality, styles, affordability, and just all around goodness you guys provide in your products. Thanks again, and Merrryyy CHRIMA from the East Coast!

Oh my gosh, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! I would like 10% of my order to go to The Hunger Project please :) i saw this promo and was like dang if only i had waited 2 more days haha but thankfully your nice enough to let me do it anyway simply because Omerica Organic is the best business in the history of the universe! :) and i appreciate the 20% gift card as well! Thank you so sooo much! I only wear wood gauges from you guys, and i work in retail so everytime someone comes in and asks me about my gauges i tell them where i got them and always give a high recommendation that they order from you guys. That they wont be displeased :D i know i never have. Anyway thank you again so much! You guys are the best!

Hi just emailing to let you know we received the plugs we had ordered today and could not be more pleased! Your service was fantastic and the plugs themselves are of an amazing quality . Can't wait for everyone to see them! Thank you .

Hey guys, just got my new plugs in the mail yesterday and they are fantastic. I really liked the first set you guys sent me but this new set are amazing. I like the way the graphic really stands out with the wood color. And I also appreciate the extras that were tossed in for the sake of tossing them in. Please forward this on to your customer service/shipper girl because I spoke with her last. Thanks again and, if the offer is still available, I would like to take that tour of the shop and see how the magic all happens.

HOLY CRAP THESE THINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I now see why it took so long, lol. Good lord, I couldn't be happier!!! Thanks so much for making a product that is actually MORE beautiful in person, than the pictures online. And they actually FIT like they're supposed to!!! I'm soooo stoked about these plugs. You guys will DEFINITELY see another order from me very soon. Thanks so much!!!!

Hi, I ordered a pair of 9 lives plugs and just received them in the mail today. They are the most AMAZING organic/wood plugs I have ever owned. They are SO smooth and comfortable and just top quality. I LOVE them :) I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more!! Thank you SO much!

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