How to measure the size of Teardrop shaped Plugs and Gauges

We get a lot of questions about our Teardrop Plugs, so we're here to share some information about our Teardrop shaped plugs... 

: What size teardrop shaped plugs should I order?

A: The same size you normally wear your round shaped gauges! 

: How are teardrop plugs measured?

A: Teardrop plugs are measured by circumference. This is why you'd order the same size of teardrop plugs that you normally wear in round shaped plugs. 


Q: How do I check the size of a pair of teardrop plugs?

A: To check the size of a teardrop plug, wrap a string around the wearing surface and mark where one end on the string meets the other.  Then measure that segment of string and divide by pi- 3.14 to get the diameter.  Diameter is the measurement you see used for round plugs.


Q: How to put in Teardrop shaped plugs?

A: We recommend inserting the bottom (larger) part the teardrop in to your ear lobe first. Then gently pull down your ear lobe till you can slip the top (pointer) side of the teardrop in. Please keep in mind "DO NOT" pull hard or force jewelry into your ear lobe. They should easily slip in if inserting the correct size. 

*Make sure your stretched ears are fully healed before wearing wood gauges and always wash your hands before changing ear jewelry. 


Q: Does wearing teardrop plugs feel different?

A: In general, no, it feels the same as wearing round plugs.  Wood is a light material that there is no noticeable difference in the feeling from round, oval, or teardrop shapes.  At larger sizes, like over 1.5", teardrop plugs may feel a bit different because of the difference in weight distribution from "top to bottom".  


Q: Can I wear normal plugs again after wearing teardrop plugs?

A: Absolutely!  Wearing Teardrop shaped plugs will in no way change the shape of your ears.


Check out our huge selection of wood Teardrop Plugs HERE and email if you have questions about teardrop plugs or body jewelry not covered in this post!


Thanks for reading!

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