Touch Up Kit - How to refinish your wood ear gauges.

The purpose of the kit is to lightly refinish wood plugs and jewelry periodically to keep them looking and feeling their best.   

Our touch-up kit comes with a bottle of jojoba oil, and a handy dual-sided cloth roll that seals with a snap closure.  We have them made locally, and are thrilled to say that the quality of the materials and workmanship far exceeded our expectations.

We recommend that first, you polish your plugs with the white microfiber side of the roll to remove any debris.  Then with the grey mesh side sand the wearing surface, and if needed, the faces of your plugs until a smoother texture is achieved.  Next use the white microfiber side again, this time with a drop of jojoba oil to polish and condition the wood. VIDEO HERE

This cloth roll is machine washable, after a few uses, throw your unrolled dual sided cloth in the washing machine on a cold setting,  and then allow to air dry. 

We suggest generally avoiding, but if absolutely necessary using extreme caution when using this kit on or around inlays or etched surfaces.  Darker wood dust can get in the pores of a lighter wood inlay causing discoloration or staining.  Lightly etched lines can be lightened or removed.  Delicate design elements can be broken or damaged if too much pressure is applied.

You can find the kit on our site HERE and feel free to contact us with any questions about the kit, contact us

Open View of Omerica Wood Plug Touch Up Kit

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