Omerica White Label: Colorado Ski Gold Pass


We were initially contacted by Colorado Ski Country USA back in April of last year, with an interest in us creating their 2014-2015 Gold Pass Medallion.  If you live in Colorado or have an interest in Winter sports, yes, we did fan-girl (at least a little) over the opportunity to design and craft Colorado’s most exclusive winter pass.

Traditionally, the Gold Pass Medallion has been cast in brass or bronze, but last year, concerns over interference with RFID readers led the folks at Colorado Ski Country USA to open up their material considerations.  They wanted a beautiful, thoughtfully designed, expertly crafted medallion that celebrated what a Gold Pass is, and communicated the exclusivity of owning one. 

Our design team dove right in, and over the next several months, worked out all the details of the design. It was interesting for our team to work on a larger scale than we're accustomed to with wood plugs, it allowed us to utilize tons of detail and integrate more inlays that would be feasible on a smaller scale.  Prototypes were made, meetings were held, and at the beginning of September we began production of the 2014-2015 Gold Pass Medallion. 

After having made 200 medallions from locally sourced Beetle Kill Pine, each hand set with 12 individual inlays, all precision etched with an incredible amount of detail; we can say that without a doubt, this was an amazing opportunity and a project we truly enjoyed being a part of.  

We're very fortunate to have been asked to create the 2022-2023 gold pass as well.  9 years straight so far! Our design team has worked closely with Colorado Ski to design and prototype the passes, and we're working now to craft 200 by early September.  Keep an eye out, this year's design is stunning!

To learn more about the awesome projects we've been able to work on in the cast metal, stone setting, and beautifully crafted wood adornment realms check out Omerica MFG.


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