NEW Wood Gauges : Summer Styles

Each week the Omerica Organic Design Team works on a new wood plug style or two with the help of our Instagram and Facebook followers.  We come up with up with an idea and create sketches, posting them each Tuesday for feedback from our fans.  We then implement changes as needed and create prototype blocks of each plug style, complete with inlays and etched details that we post on social media on Wednesday.  Thursday we finalize all the design details, launch the new style or styles to our website, and post finished photos on Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram.  An entire design cycle in one week pulled off by a design team of two; it's incredibly fun, challenging and rewarding, and also integral in helping us keep up the flow of fresh wood plugs and unique body jewelry styles to our site.

The new plugs we launched are pictured above and listed/linked below and were inspired primarily by summertime, nostalgia, and fan requests.