Honeybee Teardrop Plugs


Representing only a fraction of the approximately 20,000 known species of bees, honeybees are primarily distinguished by the production & storage of honey and the construction of perennial, colonial wax nests. A colony typically consists of one queen bee (a fertile female), up to a few thousand drones (fertile males), and tens of thousands or worker bees (sterile females). Crafted from Curly Maple wood with Osage Orange inlays, etched detailing, and honeycomb pattern on the backs, for a double sided pair that can be worn either way.

Our teardrops have the same circumference at any given size as our round plugs in that same size, so you'll want to order the size you normally wear. Example: If you normally wear 5/8" order 5/8" teardrops.

Made-to-Order in Colorado, USA.


*Please note: Our all natural wood plugs are finished with plant based, vegan friendly Carnauba Wax

Plug Size Guide