Yellowjacket Oval Plugs


Known simply as wasps in English-speaking countries outside North America, these creatures inspire fear and loathing in humans, but are in fact a key predator of pest insects.  Aggressive defenders of their colonies, but otherwise slow to sting, yellow jackets' lance-like stingers have small barbs allowing them to sting repeatedly.

These social hunters live in colonies containing workers (sterile females), queens, and drones (males).  Crafted from Cherry wood with Osage Orange inlays and etched detailing.

Our ovals have the same circumference at any given size as our round plugs in that same size, so you'll want to order the size you normally wear. Example: If you normally wear 5/8" order 5/8" ovals. 

Made-to-Order in Colorado, USA.


*Please note: Our all natural wood plugs are finished with plant based, vegan friendly Carnauba Wax

Plug Size Guide